Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Masculine but not childish...what's YOUR choice?

I started a poll on Instagram and decided I'd ask for feedback here too. 

I'm making over my 7 year old son's bedroom and asked followers to vote for their favorite choice of fabric for roman shades.  I want something masculine without being too "kiddy."

I'm wallpapering the ceiling in the tree house bark Thibaut Rodanthe in Grey (Pattern T10071).
Two of the main walls will be in the Vintage Global Map wallpaper from Design Your Wall

The fabric selections above are choices for the roman shades and they will be against the global map wallpaper. 

I have since made my decision but I'm curious to see what you'd select:

Choice #1 adds color and ties in the countries from the map paper. 
Choice #2 is a linen fabric that ties in the beige and pewter accents in both papers.
Choice #3 is a more bold fabric but also ties in the browns and grays in the room. 

What would you select? 


Laura J said...

Love 31 for the fun, colorful vibe, but I'd go with #2 -- I'm a neutral scairdey-cat!

Laura J said...

OOPS -- where's autocorrect when you need it? That was #1 -- not 31(talk about fear of commitment, I got EVERY selection in tht original reply . . . .)

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

You know how I love color, but I vote for #2. Its a good balance I think.