Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Parker Kennedy Living

Parker Kennedy Living believes that a home should be a reflection of the person that lives there.  It's a designer warehouse and retail showroom located in Atlanta that specializes in one of a kind pieces that are hard to find for your home interior. 

Courtesy of Parker Kennedy Living
Lance Jackson and David Ecton created Parker Kennedy Living two years ago.  I love knowing the history behind a great name (remember Roberta Roller Rabbit) and "Parker" and "Kennedy" are the nicknames of the two founders, combined to create their company name. 

I had the wonderful opportunity of having a facebook chat/introduction with Lance and David this weekend and I instantly fell in love with their Southern hospitality.  These gentleman invited me down to their showroom in Atlanta to check out some of their one of a kind finds.  Believe me, on my next trip South to see Kurby, we will be pulling up to visit these fellows (Parker Kennedy Living is located at 1227 Logan Circle, Atlanta, Georgia). 

Courtesy of Parker Kennedy Living
Currently, by appointment only, Parker Kennedy Living specializes in vintage Hollywood Regency style from Palm Beach (Shout out to my girls!).  They have large warehouses in West Palm where they store their finds until they transport them back to Atlanta to restore.  They buy and restore new life into vintage pieces with classic lines and style.   They carry modern, vintage and antique furniture, original artwork, home accessories, decorative lighting--you name it!

Parker Kennedy Living focuses on vintage resale, interior design and product development. 

Courtesy of Parker Kennedy Living

Courtesy of Parker Kennedy Living
 I WANTED these peacock chairs...Sadly, they had already sold. 

Courtesy of Lance Jackson Pinterest

Courtesy Lance Jackson Pinterest
Parker Kennedy Living @ Slate Interiors | Charlotte
Courtesy Lance Jackson Pinterest
Historic Savannah Interior designed by Parker Kennedy Living

Parker Kennedy Living is a permanent dealer at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta (who in ATL doesn't know about Scott's!).  They're in the South Building Isle I-7.   They also sell at Cotswold Marketplace in Charlotte, North Carolina and Slate Interiors in Charlotte. 

And how exciting, they're paring with CR Laine this fall at Highpoint to showcase their vintage case goods and accessories with the CR Laine product line.  (Parker Kennedy debuted at Highpoint in the spring 2012 for the first time ever in the Market Square Antique design center and they sold over 98% of their vintage furniture).  Keep your eye out for these guys!  They've got extreme talent

Hey boys, remember you offered to have me tag along with you at the Fall Highpoint 2012?  I'll meet ya at the entrance!  And don't forget us little peeps on your way to the top! 

Vivid Hue Home is also on Pinterest.  Yes, I know, who ISN't?  But check us out! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Fingerpainting by Chuck Close

It's true, they say a fingerprint can tell a person's unique identity.  But what do you think about the idea of a finger print creating that identity?  Would you believe the below portraits were all created by fingerprints alone?  This is a 'painting' technique perfected by American artist Chuck Close

(All photos courtesy of DesignRulz)

This technique involves adjusting just the right amount of pigment on his finger tips to create the portrait.  It's not unusual for a portrait to take up to two years to complete.  They are time consuming and elaborate,  but I think you'll agree, the end result is just exquisite! 

More about Chuck Close here and thank you to DesignRulz for introducing this talented artist to me.   


Friday, July 27, 2012

Pondicherry for the Master

I have made an exciting new purchase for the master bedroom

Serena and Lily Pondicherry Bed

This is the Serena and Lily Pondicherry Bed with Nailheads

I'm obsessed with the super high headboard (75" tall).  When I set out to decorate the master bedroom, I had not intended on getting rid of our Merlot colored headboard.  Now that the furniture has been in there for a few months, I've had time to contemplate a few tweaks and adjustments I'd like to make to the room. 

I spotted an uber tall headboard similar to this one from abcddesign and a light bulb went off in my head...I have never loved those silhouettes I made of my family in the location above the bed.  I would love them on a side wall but just not as a main focal point in the master bedroom.  This Pondicherry headboard will solve that!  There will be no room for anything else on that wall!

And, remember my little trip to Lillian earlier this week?  While I was there, Lynne helped me search the bedding samples and suggested I try this John Robshaw stripe for the bed. 

John Robshaw
 Envision it with a coverlet or throw on the bottom and lots of colorful pillows.. .I think it may actually be a hit. 

I played around on Olioboard with some ideas. This isn't perfect but will give you an idea of how it may look:

Wow, what a hot mess.  Let me explain this hodge podge...
The x benches are already in the room. The Serena and Lily Charing Cross rug is already there. The pink polka dot print is meant to resemble a colorful throw. I found the patchwork patterned throw on Layla Grayce. I don't know if the colors match but it could add a bit of texture to the bed. (Obviously I would only select one throw, not polka dotted pink and patchwork teal).  The pillows are just place holders to symbolize "color."

Lot's of progress made during my little trip to see Lynne. I'll be excited to share more with you soon!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Meg Braff on One King's Lane Tonight

So I was just browsing the posts from some of the fabulous bloggers I follow and I spotted the best scoop ever (for me) at The Pink Pagoda.

Meg Braff is going to be featured on One King's Lane tonight as part of the Tastemakers Tag Sale.  I've given Meg lots of lovin in my posts lately because I'm considering her awesome Up in a Tree wallpaper for my sunroom...(read here and here). 

Meg Braff's Designs in East Hampton (courtesy House Beautiful)

Head over to  The Pink Pagoda for more scoop on Meg's sale on OKL!


Lillian August Field Trip

I started my week with a fun day trip to Lillian August in Norwalk (more here)  to throw around some design ideas for my guest bedroom.  I've been working with Lynne Methot and she's such a great designer who always listens to my outlandish ideas about molding colors and textures and patterns and hues.  She's got a brilliantly subtle way of encouraging me to push the limits while also trying to maintain some traditional style that will have some longevity

As you recall, before I set out on this trip, I was all gung-ho about using Meg Braff's Up in a Tree Bamboo wallpaper in that guest bedroom.  I wanted to go for a certain shock factor...something that may make my guests think, "holy crap...you didn't wallpaper your entire room in green trees and paint your ceiling orange sherbet strips and think I would actually fall asleep in here?" 

OK, so sometimes I get carried away by the super stylistic rooms featured on pinterest (see my pinterest here).  Within the first minutes of our meeting, Lynn casually suggested..."How would that Meg Braff look in your sunroom?"

UPDATE:  (PSSSSSST--we interupt this post to announce that Pink Pagoda has just announced on her blog that Meg Braff will be on OKL tonight! )

contemplated for a moment.  Hmmm.  I hadn't thought of that.  Why hadn't *I* thought of that?  I love the idea of the teal blue and the pea green...it's a combination already played out in there in the rug and the sitting chairs and the sofa. 

Obviously, that's why I am not am official designer. I'm just ballsy enough at times to "act" like I know what I'm doing.  Only I lack the true skill to take that extra step and figure out how to best apply it.  That's where Lynne comes in.  What a great idea.  And I know you are secretly breathing a sigh of relief that you don't have to work around such a bold paper!  (hey, there's always the next room. Kidding)

<><> <><>
Nina Campbell Orchard Blossom
Introducing the new direction for the guest room.  Oh...don't loose faith in me now.  I promise this is not going to be a snooze-fest!  Remember that velvet ottoman with the fuchsia, orange, violet colors?  That's still in this room.  We plan to create a vintage meets modern feel in the room.  And I must admit, this wallpaper has much more of a bedroom feel to it.  More tomorrow on my visit with Lynne! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Land of Nod Goes to Camp

Ya'll know that this summer I've become obsessed with campy decor.   It transpired with my trip to Upstate New York's Lake Chateaugay.  In prep for my vacation, I showcased several fabulous camp designs, including Camp Wandawega (recall here).

So, imagine my delight when I picked up the recent Land of Nod catalog and noticed that much of their fall collection is centered around the camp theme--at Camp Wandawega, in fact. 

Holla, Land of Nod!  Great minds think alike and I like where your heading!  

So now the reveal.  Here's what I was so excited about. 

Land of Nod July 2012 Issue

Land of Nod Petite Chateau Duvet, page 26 of July 2012 Catalog

Love the setting of this photo shoot!  The old cabin with the floral Petite Chateau Duvet on the front porch.  It reminds me of a French country retreat. 

I love the fresh bedding they've featured in this collection.  Yes, Land of Nod is usually for kiddies, but I would feature any of these in my guest bedroom. 

1 Fade to Pink Duvet $159 or $189 | 2 Clothes Make the Kid Throw $99 | 3 In the Mix Bedding (duvet, sheets, shams, throw) | 4 In the Mix Duvet $89 and $119 depending on size

I am digging the "Clothes Make the Kid" throw.  It reminds me of a precious little kid's sweater and it would be adorable at the end of a bed.  (And BTW, I love the name for this throw...I'm not trying to start anything, but I guarantee that there are teachers out there that are nicer to the cuter kids and secretly not as nice to the kids that are 'under-privileged in cuteness'  Just sayin). 

Digging these accessories.  I can envision them in a bedroom as an additional decorative accent.  Character pieces, if you will.  Full disclosure, I actually purchased the red hand cut illustration of NYC (upper right). 

 I used to live in NYC.  I met my husband there when he was doing his medical internship. I worked in e-commerce and vowed I would never ever ever leave that city.  The CITY.  Then he had the nerve to relocate to Boston for his residency.  He also proposed to me...And, what's an engaged girl to do?  Stay in the city and maintain a cozy 300 square foot apartment in the West Village while continuing to work at my tech job while desperately seeking the occasional celeb spotting---HELLO Gwyneth Paltrow, I know where you live!  Why, I did what any honorable soon-to-be-bride would do, of course!  I dug my feet into the ground, stomped and pouted and reluctantly tried to hold onto everything that reminded me of NYC...including my NYC cell phone number.   (Hey, it's only been eight  ten years and it still serves as a tribute to my time in the city!)  And yes, I'm no idiot...I high-tailed it to Boston to join my best buddy. 

Now, I honor our fab single days in the city by obsessively purchasing anything that remotely reminds me of NYC (Remember the "drink NYC water" coasters?)

 Love this duvet.  It reminds me of the Dwell Studio collection.  And it comes in multiple different colors.  Also, adore those apple green chairs!

This bedding is called the Nod Conservatory Bedding but it reminds me an awful lot of the style of fabric I spotted on Spoonflower * this week by LFN Textiles (see here).  I wasn't able to confirm for sure, but they did design a print that was selected for major distribution through Crate and Barrel (Land of Nod's parent). 

 {*Yet another reason to scoop up some of the selections on Spoonflower.  Some of these designs go 'commercial' ya'll}. 


And what about these Not a Peep curtain panels in my son's bedroom?  

I had these suckers in my cart ready to order but then I chickened out.  Here's why:

1. I'm not sure the gray on the drapes will match the gray on the bed.

2. They were back ordered til August and I wanted more instant gratification than that.

3. The more I stared at them in my cart, the more they looked like stylish baby nursery curtains.  Uh, don't you dare repeat that to my six year old in case he ends up with these on his windows. 

4.  Eh, time does heal...it's been three days and I'm leaving these babies behind in the cart.  I want something with more of an oomph

Oh, and I know we're not talking about my house tour right now, but I'd like to acknowledge that I already know those yellow side tables are too feminine in this room and they're going to be relegated somewhere else.   (Know ya'll were glaring at them while politely not wanting to say anything about them being sort of out of place...kind of like when a friend has a pimple on her nose that is about to pop and you are trying to carry on a normal conversation with her without getting too distracted.  Wheeza, I know you'd flat out tell me "dude, you gotta pop that thing it's like a third eye")

On that note,  tune in tomorrow for a recap on my trip earlier this week to Lillian August in Norwalk!

It's been one campy summer at Vivid Hue Home! Check out some of the other nods to Camp here:

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tribute to the Bald + Beautiful Three Year Old


American Girl

MGA Bratz
MGA's Bratz Bald and Beautiful Dolls

Earlier this year, lifetime friends of ours, found out (literally overnight) that their three year old precious daughter has leukemia. My husband and I were immediately stuck by this news in ways we didn't know how to process. We have a three year old ourselves and questioned, what must that be like to receive this type of news? Then, merely months later, a Connecticut girlfriend of mine found out similar news about her three year old daughter. What? I went from not knowing anyone directly affected with childhood leukemia to now knowing two wonderful families that are impacted.

When an occurrence like this happens to someone that you care about, you wonder in so many ways how you can help and be there for them. It also makes you evaluate your own life and the time that you spend with your own children. I hug my children a little tighter and a little longer. I say an extra-long prayer of thankfulness for the time my own family has together. Admittedly, sometimes, I even feel guilty that I am so blessed and lucky. A situation like this teaches you to never take any loved one for granted.

Thankfully, the prognosis for most childhood leukemia’s is extremely positive. But what exactly does this mean? Do you know that a cancer treatment regimen for a child is at least three years? (No, it's not a 6 week dose of radiation and then done). This means a rigorous two to three (at least) visits a week to the hospital for tests and prods and analyses. It means not traveling farther than a quick driving distance away from your physician (just in case a fever transpires and the child needs immediate admittance). It often means that your child does not play with other children for fear of infection. It means each hospital visit may be a 'quick check up' or unexpectedly turn into an entire day event of transfusions, test, pokes, punctures...

I don't dare claim to be an expert on this subject. It's these wonderful families that deserve all of the credit. They find ways to carry on, to exude hope, to be strong--not only for their children, but for the countless family members and friends that look to them for answers. The parents become walking experts on the subject. They become pillars of strength for everyone around them.

Where am I going with all of this? This year, several major doll manufacturers have announced that they are finally going to introduce a doll that represents children that have lost their hair due to cancer or other hair loss related illnesses (e.g. alopecia or trichotillomania). Mattel will produce 10,000 limited edition dolls and also distribute dolls to Children's Hospitals. American Girl is accepting special orders for the dolls (call 1-800-628-5145). MGA's Bratz dolls are producing dolls without hair and without the possibility to accessorize the dolls with a wig. They want to prove that you don't have to have hair to be beautiful.

This, of course, doesn't cure leukemia, or cancer, or take away any of the worries these families face on a daily basis. But maybe, it will go a small way in putting a smile on a little child's face that is filled with hope and promise for a healthy and prosperous future.

In prep for this post, I happened to also discover that Dr. Laura Berman is under going her own courageous battle against cancer.  In the midst of losing her hair, her entire family has decided to shave their own heads.  I think it's a wonderful display of  love.  And whether it's on a Barbie, a Bratz, American Girl or a living human, I'm convinced that bald is just beautiful

Dr. Laura

morrow, back to mixed up patterns and crazy colorful decor, I promise. I just wanted to honor those dealing with much more than fabric patterns. Even if it's in some small, minuscule way.   It helps keep things in perspective

(L.E. and M.R. thinking of you precious little girls daily).

If you'd like to follow more of this endeavor on facebook, check the Beautiful and Bald Barbie page. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Spoonful of 'Spoonflower'

Branches on Lacy Beige Background by Katarina
(Courtesy of facebook.com/spoonflower)

Andrea Whalen

Courtesy of Robert at Design Lines

Surrealist Fruits by LFNTEXTILES

Bugge by Forest & Sea
(Courtesty of facebook.com/spoonflower)
Whole and Eaten Pears by Kconneen

Watercolor Blooms by Sberrens
(Courtesy of facebook.com/spoonflower)
Pomegrantes by Fatcheese
(Courtesy of facebook.com/spoonflower)

Andrea Whalen

Ever have a vision in your mind for the perfect fabric only you just can't find it?  Maybe you have wanted to experiment with turning your designs into textiles?  Introducing, Spoonflower. 

Spoonflower represents the largest online community of fabric designers in the world.  Based out of Durham, North Carolina, think etsy for textiles.  And the coolest part of it all?  You can design your own fabric or select from the thousands of already designed fabric for sale on the site.  There is no minimum requirement to purchase.  Above represents just a small number of fabrics that I immediately fell in love with.  I guarantee, once you eye this site, you will be eager to purchase all of your material from here.  (I'm always on the hunt for fabric that is different and that you don't feel like you'll see in everyone else's homes.  Guarantee, it's here! 

Some of the artists featured on the site have actually been selected by major distributors to produce their designs.  (See LFNTextiles above, this was reprinted by Crate and Barrel into oven mitts and dish towels).  How cool is that?

The site offers different contests weekly that members can enter.  Unfortunately, I'm not savvy with online design and it's been quite awhile since I've sat down with my watercolors in hand and tried to produce anything.  But this has me inspired to perhaps sit down and give it a go! 

You gotta check this out if you haven't heard anything about this.  But watch out...you'll get sucked into perusing all of the different selections for hours!