Monday, April 29, 2013

Get *Cozy* and Commit. For Now.

Ya'll know that I'm not afraid to throw a bold wallpaper up on my walls.  I love my Meg Braff Up in a Tree paper and it's been permanently glued to my mudroom walls for decades to come (only because I'm sooo not going to be the fool that removes that stuff with a Spackle and chisel).  I guess you can say that I loved that Kelly green and Chinoiserie pattern so much that I wasn't afraid to commit to it. 

But I get it.  There are many reasons a person may not want to decorate their home in permanent wallpaper.   There have been times in my own decorating where I've chosen a more conservative approach.  (I experimented with a basic stripe removable wallpaper in my kids' bathroom (more here).  It's such a cinch and I love it...

Renters, students, decorators that like to experiment, and plain ole commitment-phobes--fear no more! It's time to commit.  Temporarily.   

Hyggee & West has an exciting offering of modern removable wallpaper tiles.  

You will drool when you see these interiors.  All decorated with Hygge & West removable tiles.  All as temporary as you want them to be.  Yes. That's correct. You can peel them off at any time. Imagine the possibilities.

Daydream Paper | Photo from Beacon Hill Apartment as appeared in Boston Magazine | Courtesy of Hygge & West Blog

Photo via Hygge & West

Lisa Congdon Triangles (Yellow | Black) Photo from Daniel Kanter's Manhattan Apartment
Petal Pusher Paper | Photo via Emily Henderson

Via Decor8 Blog

 Take a look at how one room is transformed in an afternoon with Triangles (Charcoal and Gold)
Before | After

Below are some of my favorite tiles (all photos courtesy of Hygge & West):

Daydream Lavendar Tile Hygge & West

Oragami Cream Tile Hygge & West

Petal Pusher Taupe | White Hygge & West

My ultimate favorite is the Daydream paper as pictured in the Beacon Hill apartment stairway above.  I could see this in a nursery or a bathroom too.  I also *LOVE* all of the Petal Pusher patterns, especially the gold (as pictured in the Emily Henderson photo above).  I believe Roxy from Society Social also has this in her living room. 

I would love this in my powder room

Please note: I was in no way reimbursed or influenced by my review of Hygge & West Removable wallpaper tile.  I just happen to love the killer designs of the tiles and wanted to share with my Vivid Hue Homies! 

Cheers!  Heather | Vivid Hue Home

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Target Playdate: A day of accessorizing

This week I had a day home with my four year old pip squeak, Vivi.  We took a trip to Target and it turned into quite the Target play date.  We managed to create a few DIY projects  and have some fun at the same time.

  Here's my partner in crime...

And here are some of the things we found to help accessorize our house, including some fun Nate Berkus accents for the mudroom makeover...

 Here's the Accent Stool with the wood bench.  See how we transformed it here

These Threshold Bolster Pillows had plans for Jack's room...I thought they were on clearance for $16 a pop but then scanned them and they're still $25.  Still not bad, but I was already loading the cart up with other finds.  So these babies went back on the shelves until they get marked down. 

Vivi says "See ya Suckers..."

We discovered this cool looking sea urchin spiky thing ($9.99). Nate Berkus is totally rocking his accessories for Target.  I immediately thought about the console table in the mudroom. It would be fun to paint it in a hot pink color to add a pop of color.

And the Nate Berkus dark navy pineapple urn has a lot of character ($24.99).  I thought I could find a place for it against the green Meg Braff wallpaper in the mudroom.  
And here's a sneak peek of some of these items in the mudroom next to the Kelly Wearstler-esque lamps that inspired the entire makeover.   They're sitting on the console table from West Elm and I have ordered the benches from Linens & Things.  I'll post photos once everything is in place! 
Have you had great luck with Target finds in your home?  I love to find a bargain and mix bargains with more expensive items.  I find that it's silly to spend bigger bucks on accessories because so many designers are making cool looking things for less these days. 
xoxoxo | Heather

Saturday, April 27, 2013

DIY: Bathroom Bench Gets Racing Stripes


It's amazing what inspires a DIY project in my world.  This week, I was in Targay.  Just minding my own biznis.  Stocking my cart with essentials (tee pee, Windex, whoppers).  And I sauntered onto the Threshold for Target isle.  I spotted this accent stool with the wooden bench and I suddenly I envisioned the sucker sitting in the middle of my kids' Jack and Jill bathroom.  In the shared bathroom that they don't even use (because they insist on bathing in MY bathroom instead). 

I loaded this baby into my cart and immediately started to think of ways I could further make this my own.  Ok, not much you can do to a metal stool and a wooden bench.  But we got home and I had the kiddies help me add some white racing stripes to the legs.  (Proof below).  Just enough to say..."hey, yes, I may have gotten this at target, but then I took an extra twenty minutes and did a craft project to it so it's not so apparent that I got it at target."

 I couldn't find my painter's tape, so yes, we used the sticky masking tape from the febreeze lint brush.  That's creativity! 

End Results.  (Photos taken with iphone when sun was blaring into the room!  And no, I just couldn't wait for a better time of day or use a better camera for the shot because I'm too impatient). 

Remember my removable wallpaper project?  Read more about it here



 Sources:  Round Red Mirrors- Crate and Barrel | Red Stripe Removable Wallpaper | Turquoise Rug- Threshold for Target | Towels-Home Goods | Shower Curtain DVF for Home Goods | Manhattan Map- Land of Nod | Accent stool with wood bench - Threshold for Target (ha)

Fun little afternoon project. 

Also, I'm making progress on the mudroom make over.  I'll have more to share with you soon!   (PS, I got EG to approve the West Elm console purchase and it's in the mudroom--love).  Other items have been added, too and I'll have photos to share soon.


Heather | Vivid Hue Home

Friday, April 26, 2013

Baby Nursery Blog Party Friday!

As a style contributor for Simply Baby's blog, I'm excited to be joining my fellow style contributors for the second week in a row.  Though it's not my turn to style a nursery (YET!) my girl Tiffany from Tiffany Leigh Interior Design has a room you can't miss. 
Click over here to check out Tiffany's nursery style today (and make sure you check back every Friday for the Nursery party).  My time is coming soon! 

We have a talented group of bloggers that will be featuring their nursery styles over the next several weeks.  Check out the group below and head on over to their blogs!

  • Scrappy Love - Cindi and Emily
  • Vivid Hue Home- Heather
  • Rhymes with Smile- Katherine
  • Forever's Like a Dream- Kelley
  • Little Black Door- Elizabeth
  • Fancy Free Me- Elisa
  • Design Post Daily- Beth

  • Sunday, April 21, 2013

    Mudroom Makeover Plans

    Yesterday I mentioned that I was on the serious hunt for some x benches for a little project I like to call "Proceed-to-redecorate-without-the-other-half-knowing."   Yes, we did just return from a major vacay from the magical world of Disney.  EG has said we're on a spending freeze.  (Which usually means I start planning like crazy behind his back so when he gives me the go ahead to start buying again, I know exactly what I want).  So...welcome to my inspiration board for the mudroom makeover for exactly when the spending freeze has been lifted. 

    You'll recall I'm determined to make the Kelly Wearstler "esque" lamps fit into this mudroom.  I scored these at Home Goods for a mere $40 bux a pop. 

    I'd love to put these babies on the West Elm Parson's Console Table.   I know this is just a mudroom but I'm going to style it like an entryway. 

    I found these x benches and I love how they already have black legs.  (PS, I didn't even know Linen's n Things still existed!)  And I found fabric from "Calico" called Seeing Spots Noir that would be fabulous as bench covers (incidentally, I used Seeing Spots Jazz berry as the table cover for my Napa party).  

    If I wanted to seriously mix the black and white, I could add the Ikea Stockholm Rand  rug into the mix. 

    I have the back mudroom door painted turquoise right now.  I would repaint it lacquer black. 

    And I will need a pop of color in there!  I received a fabulous Jonathan Adler Jackie O pillow for Christmas that would make a great accent pillow on the mudroom bench in there along with a few other pops of powerful pink! 

    (I don't have the bench pictured but you can see it in the mudroom photos.  I would like to make a DIY fabric bench). 

    Add some artwork... And voila

    What do you think?

    Ok, now I gotta go talk to EG about lifting that spending freeze....

    Heather | Vivid Hue Home

    X Bench Frenzy

    I arrived home this evening with my family after a fabulous week at Disney with the kids. I managed to leave the magical land without any monogrammed rat ears or pixie dirt.   My mini TV didn't work on my airplane ride home so I had plenty of time to start brainstorming about all of my next house projects (even though EG has put the kibosh on spending any more money after Mickey dipped into our life savings this week--that measily rodent).  Ha, ok ok.  As bitter as I sound about the vacation, it was excellent and so nice to spend time with the family. 

    Now, onto my next obsession for the house....

    Tonight I started searching for X Benches for two locations in my house; my master bath and my mudroom.  (Continue below)

    1 Essex from Layla Grayce | 2 Parker X Bench Serena and Lily | 3 Black Stripe Ballard Designs |   4 Hollywood Regency The Modern Historic Etsy  |  5 Pink Rigsby Shop Furbish | 6 Charleston Green Peacock Worlds Away | 7 Arteriors Tennyson Turquoise Linen Zinc Door | 8 Pershing Leather Ottoman Zinc Door | 9 X Bench One Kings Lane 

    I love #1 the Essex Bench from Layla Grayce for my Master Bath and will keep that in mind.  But really, for a more immediate venture, I'm looking for X Benches for my mudroom.  Remember when I happened to score those two lamps from Home Goods that reminded me of Kelly Wearstler?  I randomly placed them in the mudroom when I got home...well, I actually love them so much in there that I've decided to style them into that room. 

    Oh boy, I'm really backing into this post-eh?  Well, I plan to add a white lacquer console into the mudroom and add two x benches below it.  I'll do an olio board for ya'll soon. 

    In the meantime, here are all of the kick ass benches I found during my search.  I happen to think #3 the Black Stripe from Ballard Designs would look awesome underneath the white console against the Meg Braff Wallpaper.    (Maybe a bench with solid black legs and the top just striped). 

    This is my latest venture...I'm trying to do this on a dime so have some reasonable alternative options up my sleeve I'll share with you if I decide to opt for them! 

    Oh, and BTW, I wish I had a place for that Charleston Green Peacock Worlds Away Bench!  LOVE that lime green frame. 

    Ok loves, that's all for now.   More on my X Bench Frenzy, later!

    Oh it's so good to be back home.

    xoxo  Heather |  Vivid Hue Home

    Friday, April 19, 2013

    Simply Baby Style Contributor!

    I am thrilled to announce that Vivid Hue Home is a new style contributor over at  Simply Baby's blog party taking place each Friday for the next 6 weeks. 

    Click on Photo to learn more
    Now don't get any crazy ideas...I'm not havin any more kiddos of my own, but I will never turn an opportunity to style a nursery. 

    The theme for this party is How Does Your Nursery Roll - Mixy Match of Matchy Match?   I'll bet ya'll can guess which way we'll lean...but it's not quite my turn yet so you'll have to wait and see. 
    Today, head on over to the party to see my girl Beth of Design Post Daily who is featured this week to see how she has styled her nursery.   (This is her real nursery and it's killer)!  

    Here is a list of the style contributors that will be featured over the next 6 weeks.  I will link you to the featured contributor every Friday. 

    Tiffany Leigh Interior Design -Tiffany
    Scrappy Love - Cindi and Emily
    Vivid Hue Home- Heather
    Rhymes with Smile- Katherine
    Forever's Like a Dream- Kelley
    Little Black Door- Elizabeth

    I'm excited to be a part of this!   xoxoxo Heather | Vivid Hue Home

    Friday, April 12, 2013

    Gone Fishing

    Hi loves.  No, I haven't forgotten about ya'll.  I'm just taking a little R&R for the next week with the family.  Don't let this magnificent photo fool you.  I'm headed to Disney with the kids and EG for spring break along with hoards of other *magical* families.  It will be a miracle if we all come back speaking to one another (or maybe that will be a blessing if we don't!). 
    EG and I had about four knock down drag out disagreements* tonight as we were getting the baggage packed.  Why is preparing for a trip so stressful? 
    (*I'm fudging on the extent of the knock down drag-outs by the way.  It was really more like three). 
    Here's hoping that we get outta here tomorrow without a hitch.  Send magical rainbow, princessy, fairy tale thoughts our way that we have a great vacation.  And all that crap. 
    I'll be back online within a week. 
    Misses and kisses.  xoxox
    Heather |  Vivid Hue Home

    Monday, April 8, 2013

    We love you Lilly

    Your iconic style will live on. 

    Your cheery home decor and brilliant fashions will carry on and you will forever be in our hearts! 

    Heather | Vivid Hue Home

    Tuesday, April 2, 2013

    Mix n Match n Mix Some More

    Happy Spring?

    I'm always talking about mixing colors and patterns and textures and prints...

    Does this cross the line

    Marc Jacobs Resort 2013

    Thoughts please. 

    Heather | Vivid Hue Home