Saturday, May 31, 2014

Behind the Scenes, Vivid Hue Home Shoot

I have been neglecting my blog posts lately and spending much of my design time on instagram.    For those of ya'll that follow my postings there, you know that today is a big and exciting day for me!  I've got a photo shoot going on at the house today. 

Photo from Vivid Hue Home iphone of Gridley Graves Photography

About six months ago, Anne Gridley of Gridley + Graves Photography contacted me about doing the shoot after seeing a few of my house photos on the blog.   I was over the moon excited.  The shoot will be featured in one of the Harris Publications' for home decorating.  It won't likely be in print until next year.  I'm thrilled with the opportunity! 

I swung into high gear finishing up partially completed projects around the house.  Including, the vestibule and completely making over my son's bedroom.   In the next coming weeks, I will be sharing details about these projects. 

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek into today's shoot: 

Photo from Vivid Hue Home iphone of Gridley Graves Photography
Gary Graves is a master at staging and styling.  It's amazing at how he's been able to transform my kitchen into an inviting and welcoming palette.  I almost feel like I need to add some vodka to the lemonade and kick start a party over here.  It's fascinating to watch talented minds work.  Love the ideas they've come up with for displaying my items. 

Taken from Vivid Hue Home iphone
These guys mean serious bizness.  It's amazing how these photo lights help optimize the perfect lighting.  The digital results are breath-taking.   (Of course, the talent of Gridley + Graves helps, too).   

I initially styled the mudroom bench to look like a little garden center.  Anne and Gary scrapped the flowers and garden shovel and opted for casual jackets hanging on the hooks. 

Vivid Hue Home iphone

Vivid Hue Home Mudroom, taken with iphone
After working so diligently to get the house styled for this shoot, I'll be sharing some updates made to the house that haven't been seen on the blog.  Look for that in the coming weeks.  (How's that for a teaser)? 

Vivid Hue Home iphone photo of Mudroom
Gary tweaks the pillows and curtains in the family room .  A lot of people on instagram commented on the art above the fireplace... this is by the talented and amazing artist, Antoinette Wysocki.  Read more about her here.  And visit her website here

Vivid Hue Home Family Room, taken with iphone

The study got all tidied up but won't be part of the shoot today. 

Vivid Hue Home Study, taken with iphone

Sunroom is bursting with peonies...

Vivid Hue Home Sunroom, taken with iphone

Vivid Hue Home Foyer taken from iphone

The team was here for about nine hours and said they got about 17 final shots.  I'll keep you posted when they go to print! 

Hope you enjoy your weekend! 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

House Tour: My Hallway Vestibule

 I've been on a  DIY project frenzy lately around my house.  Recently, I decided to tackle the vestibule at the end of my hallway.  It was a neutral beige just begging for some attention.  I had silhouettes on hand that I'd made a few years ago and they got booted from my master bedroom when I got a new headboard. 

Initially I stuck these pictures up in the hallway and immediately liked their new home...they were just missing some "oomph." 

Start of Project

Work in Progress

I discovered this Kelly green bold striped fabric on a trip to IKEA and had a light bulb moment.  In my college years, I was known to starch sheets onto the walls of my rental apartments so I wouldn't ruin the walls when I moved back out (you could easily just peel the sheet right back off when you left). 

So I decided to attempt a similar tactic in the vestibule.  Only, this time I literally nailed the fabric to the wall.  I started at the top and continued to smooth the fabric out as I nailed down the wall. 

I painted the side table into a glossy black for extra pop along the fabric. 

And then I used a grosgrain ribbon trim and nailheads along the perimeter to hid the carpenter nails in the wall. 

Finished Result


I hung the silhouettes right over the fabric and styled the side table with a few accessory items (like my Waylande Gregory box).    Read about the history of this box, here

There is a silhouette for every member of the family, each with a specific saying that captures an idea of our personalities...



 Now that I've given a little extra love to this area, it offers a much needed boost in the hallway!  And the entire project cost me under $100.00.  (Side Table $69 from Home Goods, 3 yards of fabric from IKEA $21.99, Homemade Silhouettes $25). 


Have you done any recent projects that have transformed an area in your home? 

Please share!