Sunday, May 20, 2018

Kristen McCory JLH Showhouse Designer 2018

Last week, I posted details of our first ever Vivid Hue Home pop up shop located at the Junior League of Hartford's Designer Show house.  At the time, I had planned to showcase multiple designers every other day so you could see their spaces.  Of course, life got in the way and I didn't get a chance to post during the show house itself.  But I am still planning to share some of my favorite designers from the house.

To start, Kristin McCory Designs! McCory Interiors is a Connecticut based design firm that specializes in high-end residential & boutique storefront interior design throughout New England, the Mid-Atlantic, (including New York City) and beyond.

Kristen McCory is such a super talented interior designer.   I have become friends with her over the last several years as our worlds collide at different events (show houses and designer tablescape events).  Her foyer design from the 2015 Junior League of Hartford Designer Show house is still being circulated among National magazines, most currently the At Home Magazine May/June 2018 issue.

Here are a photos from that foyer In the Junior League of Hartford Designer Show house from 2015:

Photo Credit Kristen McCory Interiors

Photo Credit Kristen McCory Interiors

Now, fast forward to the Junior League Show House for 2018.  I was thrilled to have Kristen as one of my first floor buddies.  Kristen's space always "brings it" and this year is no different.  She worked night and day to fine tune this gorgeous space.  Here is Kristen's before and after of the dining room.

Before: Dining Room JLH 

After: Kristine McCory Designs 

Yes, the transformation In photos is breath-taking.  And you should have seen it In person.  It truly was jaw dropping.  Here are some more progression photos of the space.

Before JLH Showhouse. Vivid Hue Home Photo

 Kristen wallpapered the ceiling In Schumacher, Ludo, Color Piano Forte.   It made such a brilliant textural statement on the ceiling.

Kristen's attention to detail is incredible.  Every accessory had a place and every item In her room was well thought out.

Initially this trim was painted In a dark navy but, before the house launched, Kristen was adding additional detail and it ended up quite differently.  
Kristen McCory Photo

Kristen is known for her hand painted and trimmed floors.  And, yes, she does this entirely on her own!  This was her first passion before embarking on interior design and she is actually professionally trained In this.  

The Flowers were by Kathleen Schwartz Flower Design who inspires florals In our Farmington Valley and beyond.

Photo by Vivid Hue Home 

Every night, these anemones and orange ranunculus hibernated In the refrigerator so they'd be fresh for tours In the morning at the show house.  I saw  these beauties come out In the morning with closed petals and In a matter of no time, they opened back again, wide and ready for the day.  Amazing.

vivid hue home

I love the story behind these tremendous vessels (there are two In the room).  Kristen acquired them from our local Revival Home Furnishings (which is a luxury consignment shop that curates high end furnishings and accessories and sells on 1st dibs and One Kings Lane).  They were lamps that Kristen transformed for a huge presence In her space.

We had a chance to relax (a bit) and enjoy the opening preview party on Friday April 27th, 2018.  Pictured here:  Kristen McCory, our friend and designer Georgia Zikas, and me--Heather Grahling from Vivid Hue Home.
Vivid Hue Home Photo
 Yes, these flowers were simply stunning.

Kristen McCory is absolutely one to follow.  Check out her website and instagram page to keep tabs on everything she is up to across New England.

I hope to highlight a few of the other amazing designers that participated In the Junior League Show House.