Friday, May 31, 2013

Elizabeth from Little Black Door's Baby Nursery

It's Friday which means it's time for another Simply Baby Nursery party.  This week, Elizabeth from The Little Black Door is showing off her mad skills.  Elizabeth has become a great blogger pal of mine over the last year...without a doubt, I fall in love with absolutely everything she gets her hands on (her little girl's bedroom redesign was to die for!). 

I know her Simply Baby Nursery Party post will be no different. 

Take a sec to check it out here


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blush or Bashful?

Help Me Pick The Grosgrain Ribbon Trim for the Mudroom!

Lisa Mende Nailhead Trim

It was Lisa Mende and Traci Zeller's Adamsleigh show house room that sold me on Grosgrain Ribbon and Nailhead trim.   And then my other pals, Nancy and Bethany of 'Powell Brower at Home' perfectly executed this in their laundry room during this year's One Room Challenge.   How could I not be all over this?

Since seeing these beautiful rooms, I have been just dying to try this out in one of the rooms in my own home.   For a hot minute, I thought I may try it in the study.  Then I settled on the mudroom. 

I'm going to be adding grosgrain ribbon nailhead trim to the mudroom and I need your vote on the best color of ribbon for the project

It's voting time Vivid Hue Homies. 

Here are the contenders:
1. 1" Petersham Rayon Grosgrain Azalea (the darker of the two in these photos)

2. 1" Petersham Rayon Grosgrain Hot Pink (don't let the words 'hot pink' fool you, it appears to be the more pale of the two in these photos). 

3. Petersham Grosgrain in Black (not pictured). 

My thoughts in ordering the pink shades of ribbon were that I wanted to be more daring in the mudroom.  I may eventually consider painting the ceiling and I want to push the limits on creativity and fun.  I thought for sure that I would love the azalea ribbon (the brighter of the two) but now that I have seen both ribbons up close, I am leaning towards the hot pink (more pale).  I want the room to push the limit but I also want to keep it tasteful. 

I haven't selected the nail heads yet but have been considering a square 1" shiny silver. 

I tried to provide as many "in room" shots of both ribbons for your review.  Be honest and let your feedback roll! 

The trim on the x benches matches the azalea ribbon (but I don't necessarily want to match the entire room simply around 5 yards of trim that I've put around the benches...this trim can easily be swapped out). 

Carolina Herrera Elle Decor

What are your thoughts?
Azalea or Hot Pink?  Or none of the above?

Putting Around for Memorial Day

Happy belated Memorial Day. 
Our Connecticut weekend originally appeared like it would be a cold chilly wash out.  Thankfully Monday resurrected the holiday and we were able to get out for some old fashioned fun.  EG *strongly dislikes* when I get all personal and share family photos so I *may or may not* have borrowed these photos from getty images and I may be pretending that these are my kiddos...or they may just be stock photography that I pulled from getty.  You'll never know.   

We were thrilled to see the sun in good ole Connecticut on Monday.  What better way to spend the day then go to put put! 

 (Oh ignore that reads forty degrees!  Kidding) 

This getty image kid looks an awful lot like my own little Vivster...

And this little guy swings his golf clubs exactly like a hockey stick.  In fact, we kept having to retrieve his ball from three or four tees over...We had a blast.  After a few arm shots, we had hot dogs and ice cream at the miniature golf course.  Then headed over to our local pool, which opened this weekend.  The water was as cold as icicles but the kids didn't seem to mind!    A great weekend kick-off to the summer (we still have another month left of school here--yikes!) 

How was your Memorial Day?  Did you brave the roads and traffic or airports and getaway to the beaches?  Or did you stay local? 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mirror Mirror in Bamboo Green

 I have a new addition to my mudroom bathroom.  I found this little gem on a recent trip to Antiques on the Farmington.  I'd never been to this two store antique barn house before (even though it's a mere twenty minute drive from my house).  I spotted this bamboo mirror and immediately thought of Parker Kennedy.  And Kelly Green.  And my mudroom bathroom.   For $80 bucks I knew I could turn this into something. 
I bought a sample size of Valspar Bright Parrot Satin Color ($2.98, can't go wrong!).  Ya'll know my DIY style by now...I don't prep or sand my projects.  I just jump right in.   I started sticking this paint right on top of the old gold paint.  Sure, it was tough to stick at first so I dabbed a rought version of a top coat and let it dry.  Then I went back with the brush and could get a smoother second and third coat of the green.  The sample sizes only come in limited finishes (satin) so I added an extra gloss with some clear polyurethane that I had from a previous DIY project.  This gave the finished green a shiny coat. 

Up close of the bamboo mirror in the mudroom bathroom.  Keep in mind, this bathroom has not been styled yet because I've been focusing so much on the mudroom itself.  But this Bright Parrot green is going to go great with the Meg Braff green from the wallpaper in the mudroom.  Eventually I'll think of something great for the wall in here (thinking a solid paint color other than beige). 

I borrowed my Gurglepot from Kennebunkport for this shot.  And the below view from the mudroom into the bathroom reminds me from a scene down the long narrow hotel hallway of The Shining or something!  Again, the bathroom is not styled yet except for the lone bamboo mirror so bear that in mind!  But you can see how the mirror now ties in with the green from the mudroom. 

And here's the lil ole mirror that was in there before.  (Along with a photobomb from the vivster in the below left part of the mirror). 
Entire project was under $85. 

Coming soon, I have received two grosgain ribbon trims for the nailhead ribbon project I'm going to do in the mudroom and I want your opinion on which color to use!  Get ready to vote, ya'll!

Hope you had a wonderful memoria day weekend!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Serena and Lily's Beach Market

Serena and Lily introduced their first retail store today. opening in the Hampton's.  It's an eclectic mix of their wonderful prints in fine bed linens and upholstery with inclusion of unique artwork and custom surfboards (hey, this is the Hampton's, afterall).  You'll even find spectacular gift accessories in the store. 

Serena Dugan and Lily Kanter

Project Nursery
from Habitually Chic

Habitually Chic
Habitually Chic
Habitually Chic
Habitually Chic

Habitually Chic

habitually Chic
Habitually Chic
Photos from Serena and Lily Blog 

Habitually Chic

KD Hamptons

 If you are near the area, please stop in!  They opened today! 

332 Montauk Highway

Wainscott, NY


Monday - Thursday 10:00am - 6:00pm

Friday 10:00am - 8:00pm

Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm

Sunday 11:00am - 6:00pm

Opening Saturday May 25, 2013--TODAY
It's so exciting to see Serena and Lily launch their first store front. 
They have worked so hard and have such a solid brand.  This is an exciting next step for them.  I just love the look of the Beach Market Store.  It has all of the patterns and colors and mixes of great taste that I just love for a home. 
Keep up with what Serena and Lily is up to on their newly resurrected blog