Thursday, November 6, 2014

Week 6: ORC Final Reveal Boy's Room Makeover

It's finally here!  The day of the big reveal!  Week 6 of the One Room Challenge!  If you need a refresher to how we arrived here, please visit the previous weeks here:

I know that the most exciting part of today is the actual photos so I won't bore everyone with a ton of copy.  Let's get right down to business with the FINAL REVEAL.

I had a hard time getting great shots of the room with the light coming in.  This is the little sitting area I created for the kids.  They can sit at this table and do homework (yeah right) or crafts.  I also found an awesome little storage trunk at Home Goods for under the window to use as a window seat. 

I think it looks old and rustic and creates a perfect little nook for the kids.  I got the little fabric flags from Easy and decided to hang above the window. 

There's the rope pendant from Restoration. 
Here's a reminder of where we started:

Ok, let's not revisit that horrific place! 

I decided to hang the Brimfield buoy's along the bedposts of the bunkers for a bit of a vintage feel.  They give just the perfect pop of color in the room.  I'm loving the West Elm bedding against the global wallpaper!  

The kids have been using their individual lights for reading before bedtime.  We'll see how long this lasts!

It's a bit difficult to tell from the photos, but the Thibaut Rodanthe wallpaper really does look like wood planks along the ceiling. 

 I added a bit of artwork from the kids and this rack will be a mini storage spot for their favorite toys. 


The kids have been spending so much time up in this new little space, so at least my "clients" are happy!  Thank you to Linda from Calling it Home for hosting this fabulous One Room Challenge again! 

Please hop over to Calling It Home to see all of the fabulous designers and their makeovers.  You will be amazed by all of the talent!

Thanks for following during this six week venture!  It's been quite the challenge and I hope you've enjoyed it (I know I have!)

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