Friday, March 24, 2017

We're Moving and Growing!

If ya'll follow our insta page then you already know this news, but for those of you that don't,  we're moving our shop location 2 doors down into a space that is 3 times larger!

This larger space became available last fall and I eagerly toured the multiple rooms with big eyes and visions of what this could become for Vivid Hue Home.  However, I have also been trying to grow the business in a fiscally responsible manner and I decided to wait things out until after the holidays to make my decision.  I took an "if it's meant to be" approach.  And, in February, when the space was still available, I worked some numbers.  Brainstormed the possibilities.  And then, I jumped on it.

It's mine!

In the last month, life at Vivid Hue Home has been quite the world wind.  We kept our existing shop open while preparing renovations in the new space.  Every single day, contractors were entering the new space like a revolving door to perform one project or another.  Our raw space....lots of work to be done!

raw space

The electrician hung new pendant lights.  The painter saturated the walls with our Vivid Hue color choices and even added some palm to our walls.
finlay room becomes blue

My parents were a huge help and drove up from Northern Virginia for a week to help hang shelves and prep the space!
our new cash counter!
We power washed the front of the building and even painted, of course! 

New Door (before the final paint coats)

Navy Trim

Bad photo but gives you an idea of the direction we are taking for the front of the store...and just think, there's even MORE that we have planned for the front. 
Our entire team has been painting props, drilling screws into holes, steam cleaning products and more!  Here, Annie paints our props in Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy to match our window trims.

This gives you a sneak peak into the color inspiration for one of our rooms....but that's all you'll get out of me for now.

During week 3 of this process, we decided that we could no longer juggle keeping the old space open while also trying to prepare the new space.  Slowly, our pendant lights, our custom drapery and our faux wall were all getting removed from the shop and it was looking quite pitiful.  We closed the shop temporarily so we can move full steam ahead in getting the new space ready for the April 1st reopening!

The above is a photo of our first Vivid Hue Home shop when the faux wall paper wall was installed....and below, is what the space looks like now that the faux wall has been removed and the original knotty pine walls have been exposed again.  This is how the space appeared when I first rented it 2 years ago and it's bittersweet to see it return to this state.

But, it's also extremely exciting that in one week, we will be sharing our new and improved (and bigger) space with EVERYONE.  Here is a sneak peek of what's to come in our new location, 769 Farmington Ave, Farmington CT  06032.

New Space, Finley Room
Please check back and hop over to our instagram to see our progress.  
We look forward to opening to the public on Saturday April 1st, 2017.