Thursday, May 31, 2012

Among the Vines, Napa Style

I love this time of year, when the leaves are just hinting about turning colors.  The air is crisp and a sweater feels cuddly.   I try to spend as much time outside as possible.  One of my favorite places to visit during this time of year, is Napa. 

I've been day dreaming about a nice little get-together in Napa lately.  Come join me for an escape!  

Courtesy of Serena and Lily

Courtesy of Blake Sams Pinterest
Courtesy of Pinterest

Courtesy of Farmstead Pinterest

Courtesy of Farmstead Pinterest

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Courtesy of

Courtesy of Farmstead Pinterest
How's that to welcome the crisp fall air of autumn? 

Cheers!  Heather |  Vivid Hue Home

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Banana Leaf Beauty

Charlotte Olympia Mabel Print $1150
Photo from
Ever find a great pair of shoes and then construct an entire outfit around themI spotted these banana leaf pumps in April's Vanity Fair and immediately thought of the Beverly Hills Hotel. 

I have long been a fan of Hinson's Banana Leaf Wallcover. It's fabulous on the wall, so why not on your feet?  Catch these wonderful banana leaf displays...

April's House Beautiful displayed this lovely room designed by Steven Sclaroff

April House Beautiful, Steven Sclaroff Design

Even the Incochine in New York City has embraced the banana leaf. 

James Andrew at Indochine - photo Lars Stephan

Nate Berkus lives in style with the Hinson Martinique wall covering in his own home. 
Nate Berkus Home
Courtesy Elle Decor

A variation of the Hinson wall covering, Cole and Son offer the tropical wallpaper as shown in this design by Amber Interiors.  ( BTW, Amber's blog kicks some serious booty so you should check it out.  And no, I don't even know the gal.  I just know great when I spot it). 

Courtesy of Amber Interiors

Bethany Herwegh's house is scrumptious in the same Cole and Son covering {check out more of Bethany's rooms as reviewed on House of Turquoise}.

Bethany Herwegh's Room from Country Living
Courtesy of House of Turquoise

Feeling a little Golden Girls, yet?  You know I love their style! {proof here}

Maybe you're not feeling the banana leaf 'love' enough to adorn the Charlotte Olympia Lucite pumps, or venture out in head to toe leaf...

Courtesy of House of Holland Fashion Show

Then maybe, just maybe, you'll consider papering your bathroom with a branch or two.  I've got my eye on this for my bathroom.   Oh yes.  Vivid Hue Home loves color and pattern, remember? 

Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

PS:  A word from Vivid Hue Home:
Thank you to the Vivid Hue Home dedicated readers...our popularity has soared the last few weeks by wonderful enthusiasts such as yourselves.  We appreciate you telling your friends via word of mouth, pinterest and facebook.  This is truly been a wonderful whirl wind.  Many thanks. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wesley Hall Butterfly Trend

Recently, I wrote a post about the lovely items I discovered on my visit to Home Goods {reference Home Goods' Heaven}.   Among the products that jumped to my attention was the wonderful High Backed Butterfly Settee

When I spotted it in the store, it was like seeing an old friend. Only I wasn't quite sure where I knew her from.  Fast forward to this morning.  I was reviewing my folder of images from High Point 2012 when I came across the below: 

Meet the Wesley Hall Bobbin Chairs.  Debuted in High Point, North Carolina this spring.  (High Point in N.C. is to the design world what Fashion Week  in NYC is to the fashion world). 

Wesley Hall used almost the exact same upholstery to debut their bobbin chairs.  That's big.  {And those readers that contacted me about the settee in Home Goods, it's even more reason for you to run back to the store and pick that beauty up for only $499.  It substantiates that this is a great find!}  Also, read more about the butterfly trend in 2012 here!

Wesley Hall is well known in the 'to-the-trade' market for their upscale upholstered furniture. It's unlikely that you'd spot them in your usual stroll through the retail furniture stores. Unless you're at Home Goods, apparently.

Here are some of the other great pieces that Wesley Hall showcased at High Point:

Courtesy of Quintessence

Courtesy of Quintessence

Courtesy of Quintessence

Courtesy of Quintessence

Read more about Wesley Hall's involvement at High Point this year from Quintessence here. She was lucky enough to have a sponsored trip to the event by Wesley Hall!

Friday, May 25, 2012

'In Home' with Home Goods

I recently posted some fabulous finds from my recent trip to Home Goods {check here}.  Home Goods has long been a great source for unique decor accessories.  They offer good quality at affordable prices and they're proving to be highly competitive with  today's 'discount-saavy' shoppers. 

It wasn't until I was writing my 'Home Goods' Heaven post that I looked around my casa and realized, holy cow, there are quite a few gems that I've discovered at this store.  A few of them are showcased here:

Basket weave lamps $29/each in Sunroom:

Robin Egg Blue Lacquer Serving Trays in small and large ($15 each)

Foo Dogs $19.99 for Pair {Read about Foo Dog Fervor here)

Mulit-colored Rustic Mirror in son's room, $99

Brushed Gray Lanterns $19/each

Assorted art on canvas and in frames, starting at $9.99-$29.99

Bronze "Swiss cheese" bowl (lower left) $49.99, candlesticks on mantle $11.99 and $13.99, turquoise Moroccan slim lantern on mantle $12.99

Turquoise quail bowl $49.99

White dog decor $11.99

Tiffany blue dinner plates and peacock inspired salad plates $16 set of four.  (And see those Moroccan looking water glasses with the teal bases, yep, you guessed it.  Home Goods $3.99 each).  

So, clearly I have had some luck at Home Goods in finding great items to accessorize my house.  Like any store, sometimes you hit 'jack pot', and other times, there is nothing to be found.  Keep an open mind when perusing the aisles.  If you spot a unique accessory, allow your creative juices to think outside of the box.  You won't be disappointed.   

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meet Reagan Geschardt

In my mind, when I spot an artist's work and can immediately envision where I'd hang it in a room, it's the sign of a good artist.  This is exactly the revelation I had when I discovered Reagan Geschardt.  Reagan's style features that of an abstract expressionist who incorporates the tranquil settings in her environment into her work.  Until recently, Reagan was an artist in the Naples, Florida area where her work was showcased in many prominent homes in that area.  Now living just outside of NYC with her two girls and husband (also an artist*), she looks to landscapes and serene settings for her inspiration. 

You know Vivid Hue Home loves color and there's no question that Reagan Geschardt is filled with fun, brilliant use of patterns and colors. 

I decided to have some fun and partner her art in rooms that I feel really showcase her versatile style.  The cool thing is that Reagan's style blends with a vast array of interiors.  Everything from Lilly Pulitzer to Serena Lily to Kelly Wearstler to Lonny... Reagan Geschardt's got versatility to go just about anywhere you need a dash of fun! 

Lilly Pulitzer Showroom with Reagan Geschardt's "Spring has Arrived"
I love the subtle shades of lavender, mauves and split pea green in "Spring Has Arrived."  Shown here in a Lilly Pulitzer room, it adds a kick to the preppy decor.  I envision Palm Beach, Florida in the sixties type of vibe and yet, this could also go perfectly in a bathroom or kid's room. 
Lonny Mag, 2012 Interior with Reagan Geschardt's "Out East Somewhere"
I love that Reagan's work can take on a Hollywood Regency feel in a different room setting.  Loving the use of magenta, gold and teals in "Out East Somewhere"

Adore Mag with Reagan Geschardt's "Summer Day"

I adore  Reagan's "Summer Day" in this Adore magazine interior setting.  The art adds a touch of fun into the elegantly modern room. 

Serena and Lily Ronan Room with Reagan Geschardt's Ship Wreck

Reagan's Ship Wreck brings a vibrant, child-like feel to the Serena and Lily Ronan room.  Perfect environment to display such energetic colors!

Kelly Wearstler's Foyer with Reagan Geschardt's "Untitled"
And, this pairing seems like a no brainer.  Kelly Wearstler, known for her 80's chic style is practically a design-twin for Reagan Geschardt. 

Reagan is available for commissioned murals and you can contact her here.  Below are a few of her murals that are featured in designer Susan Haynes' own home.  Brilliant colors. 

Reagan Geschardt Mural in home of  Susan Haynes
Reagan Geschardt Mural in Susan Haynes' home

{*Psst, remember how I mentioned that her husband is also an artist?  Well apparently the talent runs in the family.  See below for some of Danny Geschardt's work.}