Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Everything's Coming Up Tassels

Tassels have been prevalent in fashion for some time now, but it seems they are growing bigger and more daring this season.   The heftier and more bold, the better for me!

I love that they can be added to handbags, shoes, necklaces, and other fashion accessories.  And because fashion tends to drive trends in home decor as well, you'll notice that the tassel trend has become popular in decor, too.

I'm obsessed with tassels this spring and it shows in what I've curated for Vivid Hue and my personal closet.

This is the ultimate resort tote.  It's perfect for carrying towels or items down for the beach.  The tassels are colorful raffia.

Photo Courtesy of Vivid Hue Home in retail shop

I love this cotton clutch for it's summer colors and embroidery.  The cotton tassel with beaded accents just adds an extra flair.

Photo by Vivid Hue Home on Dransfield Ross Grosgrain Chair
During a recent weekend getaway with my college girlfriends, I spotted these flats.  The fringed tassels are over the top but the sandal is so bohemian chic I couldn't resist.  I scooped these up for my own!

Photo courtesy of Vivid Hue Home- Tory Burch Weaver Tassel Sandal in Brown

 This spring, we introduced our very own collection of Vivid Hue Home custom tassel necklaces.

The gals over at Pretty Gritty Girls loved them so much that they asked me make one for each of them (there are seven) for a trip to Mexico.  

Of course, fashion trends usually transcend into home decor trends and tassels are cropping up on pillows, throws, drapery and more!  One of our favorite designer brands, Cotton and Quill, specializes in custom designed textiles for decorative pillows, linens, upholstery fabric and accessories.   They always adorn their unique pillows with fun accents, like these homemade tassels.

Photo courtesy of Vivid Hue Home

Check back soon for additional themes I'm crazy about this spring. 
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