Friday, August 31, 2012

Dining Room Wallpaper

I have exciting news to share!   The wallpaper for my dining room arrived and was installed this week.  You may recall from my last dining room house tour that I was considering the Moroccan tile Phillip Jeffries grasscloth paper.  (Read more here).    I think it adds so much character and depth to the room. 
  Here are some before and after photos. 
Before | Entire Room : 

After | Entire Room:
Before | View to Foyer:
After| View to Foyer:
Before | Side Room View:
After| Side Room View:
Additional After Views: 
Check out my original dining room post for more sources and photos.  Here are a few of those photos: 
I still need to add artwork but I am thrilled with the results. It's just the extra oomph I was wanting for this room. Of course, this has sparked my wallpaper enthusiasm and I am now eagerly pursuing the Meg Braff! (Only I have changed the focus from the guest bedroom to the Sunroom to now a completely different *secret* location in the house. More on that soon). 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sun in My Belly, Atlanta


Vessels by Julie Vaughn

Sun In My Belly is in the middle of the artsy Kirkwood neighborhood in Northeast Atlanta.  As soon as you step foot into this cafe/restaurant it's as if you've stepped into a European cafe.  No detail is overlooked in the design of the tablescapes or in the artestry of the food.  One you arrive, you will never want to leave.  It's worth the trip. 
Alison Leuker is the Executive Chef behind Sun In My Belly.  She founded Sun in My Belly in 1996 with the intention to create visually driven food.  In 1998, she partnerned with Max LeBlanc, who brought a business operation and management aspect to the business.  Since then, the two have taken the company to an entirely new level.  They have put many hours of dedication into their restaurant and catering business.  They now provide catering for weddings, businesses and personal functions throughout the Atlanta area and beyond.  Plus, you can tell by looking at their photos that they bring a true design element to their work. 

 They host special events at their restaurant location.  They boast a super popular weekend brunch crowd.  And recently, they have extended their services to include dinner too.  Theoretically, you could show up for breakfast with your laptop and never leave the entire day, ha!  But seriously, visit their website here for more information about the neighborhood cafe, catering or special events. 
I must confess, I know Max through my sister, Kurby.  He is such a stand up guy.  Just a perfect Southern gentleman.  Here he is with Will (left).  I mean, seriously, love them. 
Will and Max are great friends of Kurby's and have been for years.  They have a killer cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains  (the decor is to DIE for, but that's another post...and plus I haven't gotten my hands on those photos--yet!)
I threw Kurby's baby shower at Sun in My Belly several years ago and it was more than I could have ask for.  Their hospitality feels as if you're at your best friends house.  The decor is uber stylish.  There is a simplistic chicness to the surroundings.  It's the attention to detail that adds the topping on the cake, no pun intended.  The little details make the difference--the vintage stripe paper straws set next to the lemonade pitcher that is delicately laced with fresh mint from the garden.  Or the mason jar full of fresh daisies that accompany the breakfast brunch of farm eggs and home made bread. 

If you are in the Atlanta or surrounding area, this is a must! 
Visit their website here or facebook here

You will not be disappointed! 

{photos courtesy of Sun In My Belly and Max LeBlanc}

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guest Blogger on Little Black Door

Hey ya'll, Elizabeth over at the little black door asked me to be a guest blogger today while she's away on a little R&R.  I'd like to invite all of my Vivid Hue Home readers to join me over there to read my guest post!  Her blog is super cool and I have some awesome stuff to say about fashion and design  (well, of course, *I* think it's pretty cool--ha).  Click on over here
Here's a sneak peek:  
Chanel 2013 and Elle Decor

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy "18th Birthday", Dad

{Here's me at age 4, congratulating my dad on one of his many promotions in the Army. (Thank Gawd for bloomers!)  My sister, Kurby, is in my lil' mama's tummy}. 

I'd like to wish my dad a Happy Eighteenth Birthday today*.  Huh?  How is it that I'm almost forty and my dad is only "eighteen?"  Let me explain. 

It was on August 25, 1994 that my dad received a successful liver donation from a sixteen year old teenager.  The teenager was killed in a car accident.  At such a sad, tragic time in their own lives, the parents made a selfless decision to donate their child's organ(s). We never met the family, they had requested to remain anonymous.  But from that day forward, my dad was literally given a new, healthy life.  And as a result, I have been granted an additional eighteen years with my own dad...and COUNTING!

Since 1994, I graduated from college.  I lived in NYC.  I got married.  I experienced my own career promotions.  I had a baby boy.  I had a baby girl.  I became a mother and a wife.  I opened a business with my husband.  I celebrated 18 Christmas's, 17 of which were with my dad (and lil' mama of course). 
Every year, my family celebrates two birthdays for my dad.  His actual birth day, and his transplant day.  (ya'll know my family is a sucker for celebrating birthdays!)

So, Happy "18th" Dad! 

Did you know:

One organ donor can save up to eight lives. The same donor can also save or improve the lives of up to 50 people by donating tissues and eyes.

In 2011, there were 8,127 deceased organ donors and 6,017 living organ donors resulting in 28,535 organ transplants. 

90% of Americans say they support donation, but only 30% know the essential steps to take to be a donor.

The success rate for organ transplants is between 80 and 90 percent.

There are so many myths around organ donation.  I would urge everyone to read here for more facts about it.  I would like to request that every person consider being a donor if you're not already.  Or at least be educated enough to know the myths from the facts about donation.  

Here's how you can register to be a donor.   

And, lastly, here's my dad today!  Yes, with my mama...the one that never reads this blog (proof here)!  (teasing)

* PS- I have posted this one day early because Vivid Hue usually doesn't post on's a day off peeps! 

xoxo  Heather from Vivid Hue Home

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

CR Laine, You Gotta Know!

2012 Spring Collection via CR Laine

Illiad Chair Via Zinc Door

Dautry Wing Chair in Blossom Merigold by Dau Furniture

Street level window display by Kenneth Ludwig Home Furnishings
Gaston Leather Chair in Southern Living
Nanjing Chair via CR Laine
Prep for 2012 High Point Market!
If CR Laine isn't on your radar, it should be!  It was CR Laine's bold patterns and colors that initially caught my attention.  Yes, you've heard me say I love a good mix of patterns, but check out that Illiad chair  from Zinc door...and the Nanjiing Jade chair- talk about Chinoiserie at it's finest! 

CR Laine furniture mixes such wonderfully classic form with bold statements of leather and textile.  I just can't get enough.  I am sure you' ve probably come across some of their fabulous designs without even knowing it.  They've been featured in House Beautiful, Southern LivingAtlanta Homes, Traditional Homes, and more! 

CR Laine started in 1958 as a family owned business and continues to be family run even today!  If you happen to be lucky enough to be going to the 2012 Fall High Point Market, check these guys out!  And say hi to Parker Kennedy, the awesomely talented duo that will be paring their vintage accessories with CR Laine product line at this year's market! 

Check them out more on their facebook page here!  (ps--I was not endorsed by CR Laine and am not affiliated with them in any way.  I just happen to think their product line rocks.  As always, I like to hightlight a good thing when I see it!)

{Unless otherwise noted, all photos courtesy of CR Laine}

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