Sunday, September 30, 2012

DIY: Painting Interior Kitchen Cabinets

I have been on a DIY kick lately.  This Saturday, I had the morning free before the kids' soccer games kicked in.  My husband was at a day conference so I knew I had a very tiny window of time to get the project underway before he got home to put the kibosh on it.  (He's very tolerant of anything I want to do around the house, but my recent project of painting my mudroom interior door has turned into "50 Shades of Turquoise."  Every time he walks through the door, it's literally a different color.  What better way to deal with that never ending process, than to start another project!!!)
The mission...paint my interior kitchen cabinets.

We pseudo use this cabinet in our kitchen.  We regularly access our wine glasses from here.  And I recently scored the coffee mugs on the left from Home Goods with well intentions of really using them.   But this space is not styled.  And nothing pops

My idea to paint the cabinet came from Emily Clark's blog.  Not that this is a new concept.  But I loved her post about turning her cabinet into open shelving.   And I also loved that she painted the back of her cabinetry a dark charcoal color so the items on her shelves popped  with flair!  So, I decided to use the exact same color as Emily, Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze.
While the kids were busy doing crafts projects and having a silly morning dance party in their pj's...

I took every last item out of that cupboard.   Whew, by the time that was done, I was ready for a glass of wine.  Only it was 9am so I thought I should probably hold off a bit. 
I was a bit nervous about how the Urbane Bronze would adhere to the bead board...I'm sort of a half a$$ DIY'er.  I'm not one for prepping and priming.  I'm sort of a jump-right-in-there  doer.  So if this thing needed to be sanded down to loose some of it's finish, I was NOT the person that was going to be doing it!  Instead, I dabbed on one coat.  Two coats.  Three coats....well, by about 2-3 dabblings, the paint started drying and then I was able to properly brush the coats of paint onto the board. 
I think this is coat fifty or sixty...teasing. 
One soccer game, two PB&J's, a few quick naps and one trip to Marshalls later, the paint was dry and the styling began. 
I removed most of the wine glasses and stored them elsewhere.  There were so many in there previously and we just didn't need them in there.  We're healthy drinkers but, I mean, between my husband and myself we STILL only have four hands.   I added mostly white items so there would be a real contrast between the charcoal and the white.  I still tried to keep some of the functional items in here too.  I'd love to start using these coffee mugs as my every day mugs so I tried to make them easily accessible.  (I also used an organizer that's used for soup cans to give them some elevation).   The plates on the second shelf are cookware plates that my husband likes to use for our steaks.  He can heat them up to about 400 degrees in the oven (and he does) and then he plops the steaks on them and they continue to cook and sizzle.  That's all great and nifty but my main concern every single time is what that little cookware plate is doing to our table underneath!  We pile about 6 heat resistant place mats under each place setting to prevent damage to the tables.  Ah, I guess we each have our "things."  I paint cabinets charcoal black.  He just about turns our tables charcoal each time we eat a steak!
And I just love when one DIY project spawns another.  I've had these lanterns for about a year now.  I got them from Home Goods and love them. .  I usually use them for outdoor parties.   I just love them.  Only they've always been mismatched in color.  Until now...I dabbed a lil bit o Urbane Bronze on those baby's and now they match. 
I scored this chair on Joss & Main and I love the bit of red it gives. 
So now, here's the moment of "true blue" as my kids say...that's where I'm sworn to be completely honest with ya'll...I just did all this work on these cabinets and I know they'd look so much better with the doors off, but I think that would be more than my husband, EG, could stomach right now.  The doors are on that 'soft close' mechanism and I'm not sure I even know how to just unscrew them from the hinges.  So for now, the doors will stay on there...but oh, you just wait until the next weekend day conference when the hubby's away (those suckers are goin down!)
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vivid Hue's Waylande Gregory Give-Away!


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5 Themes from "Runway to Home"

High Point Market's Fall Market is right around the corner, October 13-18th!  Interior designers, industry leaders and style spotters will be abound to let us know what's in store for our design future.  The focus is fashion and we are well aware that there is a close-knit relationship between the two.  (Recall my guest blog on Little Black Door here or the Connecticut Fashion Night Out here). 
Well, Gretchen Aubuchon is at it again!  She's the founder and editor in chief of Fashion + Decor.  She is also a special correspondent with High Point Market and she was a staple at the New York's Fashion Week.  Gretchen spent her time spotting trends on the runway that she thinks will transcend into our homes
High Point Market released an article where Gretchen identified five couture trends she believes we'll soon be seeing in our coveted living spaces!   Check them out. 
Oscar de la Renta courtesy of Imaxtree
Marc Jacobs Courtesy of Imaxtree via High Point Market

Michael Kors courtesy of Imaxtree
Michael Kors Courtesy of Imaxtree Via High Point Market
Rachel Zoe courtesy of Imaxtree
Rachel Zoe Courtesy of Imaxtree via High Point Market
Carolina Herrera courtesy of Imaxtree
Carolina Herrera Courtesy of Imaxtree via High Point Market

Lela Rose courtesy of Imaxtree
Lela Rose Courtesy of Imaxtree via High Point Market

J. Crew courtesy of Imaxtree
J Crew Courtesy of Imaxtree via High Point Market

Here's the entire article at High Point Market if you'd like to read.  What do you think about these predictions?  Can you foresee any of these making it into your home?  Do you already have these in your home? 
PS- The article has even more cool photos! 
1. Stripes
2. Denim
3. Orange
4. Florals
5. Garden Party
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Maria Barros- Rio Wallpaper

It's no secret that I have a design crush on Maria Barros! 
Remember her fabulous room designs from here and here
Maria is an interior designer from Portugal.  Her designs are to die for.  Really
from Maria Barros facebook

Turns out she's lovin the wallpaper craze too!  Check out this print from Maria's own wallpaper collection.  It's called Rio.  From her Tropical Bliss Collection.  Maria posted it on her facebook page.  You can check it out in more detail here

It reminds me of my Meg Braff mudroom in kelly green!  I love a wallpaper that makes a bold statement! 
Go to Maria Barros Design de Interior Facebook or Pinterest for more awesome photos of her work.   You will not be disappointed! 

Heather from Vivid Hue Home 


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Creative Sleeping

Courtesy of

Super fab or over the top?

This kid's playroom sleeps six in little dinghy sized beds.  Named among one of the top five most outrageous playrooms in America by Curbed back in February 2012.  (Yes, I'm late to the game but I'm always fascinated by uber-creative bunks). 

Take a look at these sleeping arrangements below.  You think you could sleep like sardines on a nightly basis?  What if it was for a slumber party sleep over?  Would that change your thoughts?   

Traditional Home Magazine
Pinned Image
Apartment Therapy
Pinned Image
Laura Davidson Dwellings

unique and cute bunk bed for kids 640x786 Space Saving Bedrooms Design
grey hanging beds 640x464 Space Saving Bedrooms Design
creative bunk beds for four 640x480 Space Saving Bedrooms Design

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

After Photos of the Meg Braff Mudroom

So as you know, the Meg Braff found it's home in my mudroom (see Mudroom Gets Groovy).   I am thrilled with the results.  Yes, it's over the top.  But it's just the oomph I was looking for.  I will never walk from the garage into the kitchen without noticing this transitional space again! 

Now keep in mind, this is still very much a work in progress.  In fact, I have decided to paint the door a darker turquoise and haven't done so yet.  The finished product will be an ultra high gloss.  Also, I have done NO STYLING in this room yet!  I want to find a chinoiserie mirror.  All in due time! 

So, here are the after "in-progress" photos.   



Click here to see more before photos of the mudroom without the wall covering. 

Please share your comments of the progress!  This was one heck of a busy week...Sorry I kept ya'll hanging so long. 


Vivid Hue Home

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