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Vivid Hue Home started as a home decor blog in 2012 by Heather Grahling, a Connecticut resident, who believed that everyone could use a dose of color in their lives.  The blog inspired Heather to later open a shop in the historical village of Farmington.  Initially, the shop was located in a charming stand-alone cottage that was filled to the brim with hostess gifts, greeting cards, small home furnishings, customer furniture, fashion accessories and more! 

Heather has been able to leverage her large following on social media to increase visibility for Vivid Hue Home that reaches far beyond Connecticut.  The shop purposefully sources unique brands with Palm Beach or Chinoiserie style.  They are often made by rising artists in the USA that are on the cusp of making it "big" (without being overly commercialized).  

In 2017, Vivid Hue Home relocated two doors away from their original location, into a much larger footprint.  This allowed them to expand our offerings and better meet the demands from customers for unique products.  Each room is well stocked with stylish home decor and also includes more fashion accessories, jewelry, gifts and clothing.  

Please come visit --look for the hot pink door and navy/nantucket blue awnings at 769 Farmington Ave, Farmington, CT  06032 (Rt. 4 next door to Hartford Baking Company).  Or visit us online here or here.  

About Heather of Vivid Hue Home:

My name is Heather Grahling and I started Vivid Hue Home as a home decor blog in 2012. I started the blog to showcase our new home build in Connecticut. This was the before Instagram, Facebook and TikTok became big and there were several other bloggers that were also just starting out--we befriended each other and supported each other in our endeavors.  Flash forward to 2015 when a small cottage became available in my historical town in Farmington, CT .  I decided to take a leap of faith and opened Vivid Hue Home. It was fairly simple to curate my first round of products for the store as I relied upon the talents of my blogger friends who had now become textile designers + more.  We were all starting out and I curated the likes of Paige Gemmel, Erin Flett, Mary Catherine from Cotton & Quill, Julianne Taylor from Taylor Burke Home, Roxy Owens from Society Social, and Reagan Geschardt. from Broome Street Studios., My shop is located in Central Connecticut and yet my aesthetic feels like a Southern or coastal shop you'd find in Charleston, Savannah, Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket.  That's exactly how I like it.  I love to push my Southern style in our conservative area in Connecticut.  

I'm totally fascinated by design and decor and had always dreamed of opening my own shop. 
I love design and I love to mix pattern with colors.  The more mix of patterns, the better in my opinion (as long as it's done tastefully).

I am always on the hunt for what I call "character" pieces.  These are items that can be added to a room and will make a statement.  It's usually something people who see the room for the first time will notice right off the bat and make remarks about. 
I love mixing a few quality items with more reasonable finds.  I love pulling this off.  To me, it's like pairing a classic Chanel clutch with a Target Missoni A-line skirt. 

Blogging about design has been a great avenue to satisfy my appetite for design and decorating!  My love for decor is insatiable and I am constantly thinking of ways to remodel or redecorate a room. 

I'm an army brat who was born in Texas but lived in Germany for 4 years and various parts of the South before ultimately ending up in  Northern Virginia where I spent  my formative years in McLean with my dad stationed at the Pentagon.  He retired as an Army Colonel and I love that he made a career out of the military (30 years).  

My mama is a Southern Belle who was married to my daddy for 50 years, her soulmate who unfortunately passed away in  2019.  

My only sister, Brett,  is my best friend living in ATL with her family.  My sister is on the same wave length as I am... sort of like the phenomenon where one person burns their hand on the stove from across the country and the other person suddenly feels a twinge of pain in their wrist and says "ouch" for no apparent reason. Yeah. We have that sort of chemistry.

I have my own family of two beautiful kids, Jack and Vivi.  You'll hear me refer to Vivi as "Smidge" in many of my posts.  This nick name was derived when she was little and used to ask for a "smidge" of this or that.  She was so little herself at the time that it was comical she used such a word.  The nick name stuck and she became Smidge (and BTW, she does not LOVE the name but tolerates it and blushes when followers of my social media call her Smidge--a sign, in my opinion, that it may have actually grown on her).  

Jack is an avid hockey player who seems quiet to many but he has a wicked funny sense of humor and knows exactly when to deliver zingers to a punch line.  

I was married for 14 years but got divorced in 2018.  My ex and I remain best friends and (as of this posting) we continue to live in the same neighborhood and go on family vacations together each summer.   PS- that I am open to meeting a fine suitable companion so keep your single friends on your radar with me in mind!  (Shameless plug).  

 I am a firm believer that my work and personal life shape the whole of who I am.  Therefore, what you will get from my blog is a mix of my professional life as well as my personal life, with glimpses of my kids and my travels. I believe in small business.  I believe that strong women support strong women.  I believe in authenticity and sharing (to an extent) my real life struggles. 

Xoxo HG


Anonymous said...

I am so happy you're finally doing this. This is what you were destined to do. Good job H

Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet post. I love the trip down memory lane and the sweet connections to Brett. I can definitely see this dream come true one day for both of you.

Sarah said...

You rock!

Anonymous said...

about your motto, being tagged as 'unknown', let me tell you the source. Back in the 1970s, the FLQ crisis erupted in Quebec, with the FLQ kidnapping the British consul and a provincial cabinet minister. The Canadian Prime Minister at the time, Pierre Elliot Trudeau said he'd was going to bring in the army and impose the War Measures Act, essentially martial law. Critics said 'you can't do that.' He replied, 'Just watch me."