Sunday, November 17, 2013

T-Day, V-Day, X-day.....

 Talk about a seasonal weekend.  At one point, I had Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day and Christmas decorations all up in the house.  What is it about this year that has me practically skipping right over turkey day?  I've always been one of those people that feels strongly about not celebrating one holiday until the current one has passed. 

Not. This. Year. 

Here's how my weekend went down. 

Harvest themed flowers were on my breakfast table.  A nice little surprise from my husband. 

A fun little (surprise) project in early December had me experimenting with Valentine's Day tablescapes.  I'm torn between introducing mixed china and soft colors or keeping it completely neutral (all white).  Ya'll know I'm a color girl at heart so it's so difficult for me not to pull out the color! 

I received the libations bar cart as an early Christmas present and I'm dying to jump into styling the cart.  I picked up this faux-snake skin lamp base on clearance at Targay this weekend. 

I also got these little flower arrangements because I thought I could use them on my V-Day tablescape. 

Here's a sample shot of me playing around with the all white theme.  Do you know how difficult it is to find Valentine's day type items during Christmas season?   

I went to a Holiday Tablescape event this weekend with some girlfriends and spotted this cleaver DIY sphere on a table that had been decorated all for under $100.   This close up makes it easy to see that it's a Styrofoam ball with straws spray painted but from afar, this was eye-catching and unique!  Such a fun idea. 

And I wasn't going to admit this to ya'll...but yes, we hauled out a few of the trees this weekend.  We weren't going to fully decorate them but then one thing lead to another.  It's just less for me to have to do after Thanksgiving so I don't mind so much! 

How did you spend your weekend?  And are you even *thinking* about putting up your seasonal decorations early? 


Lisa Mende said...

Oh to be young and full of energy. I can remember getting so much done in a day but that just doesn't happen anymore! I am planning to get some decorating done this week!! can't wait!

Karena said...

I am with Lisa, Heather you accomplish so much and have creativity beyond! Love love all of your projects!

The Arts by Karena

Unknown said...

love the direction that this project is headed. I would want to celebrate Vday at that table- of course can't wait to see more Xmas decorations, too (in person).

Vel Criste said...

Can't wait to finally see what your really up to Heather! V day?! Loving the items you got dear, just noticed too we have the same Philip Jeffries Wall paper somewhere in the house. Mine is in the kitchen! You hubs is sweet, do something nice for him tomorrow, or surprise him with the Art Institute visit when your in CHicago!

Rebecca { MyDarlingHouse} said...

If I thought it would last till Christmas I'd put up my tree today! I told myself I have to wait until next week so all the needles don't fall off to early :)