Thursday, January 2, 2014

Project: Dining Room Hutch Restyle

 Ever have something on your to do list that hangs over your head for days?  Or weeks?  Or months?  ...That'd be my dining room buffet cabinet styling project.   This little storage area started out as a simple little hutch to store my entertainment items.  Only, I kept acquiring items and stuffing them in here and before long, I was left with an absolutely atrocious display of hideousness. 

Proof below.

Before the holidays I decided to not only clean out this baby, I wanted to add a little pizazz.  I found some remnant fabric at Calico and decided I was going to line the back of the cabinet with fabric so the newly organized items would pop a little better. 

As you may know from my other DIY projects (examples here, and here and here) that I try to make things as simple as possible when I embark on a project.  So I literally gathered some poster board, scissors and tape and measured out a few boards. 

I taped the fabric to the backs and stuck the boards to the backs of the cabinet. 

Then the styling began.  I cleaned out the clutter from before and removed everything I no longer used.  Surprisingly, most of the items were able to be stored neatly below the hutch (out of sight out of mind) and I used the display shelves for only a limited number of items.  Here's where I ended up. 

At one point I tried to have fun with a splash of colorful candy jars, but then decided to stick with the neutral pops of white. 
Makes me with I had tackled this project much sooner.  I'm pleased with the clutter free and fresh results.  Have you every procrastinated on a project only to be 'over-the-moon' when you finally cross it off your list?  How have you styled your dining room cabinets?  Do  you prefer all one color or do you store your fine china and valuables? 


Rebecca { MyDarlingHouse} said...

Looks great, love the all white!! I did open shelves in one half of my kitchen and styling and changing them is always so much fun!

jackie jade said...

it looks so great! i'd like to put something on the backs of our builtins and doing removable panels like this is a great idea!
-- jackie @ jade and oak

Gypsy Heart said...

Looks wonderful! What a great idea to use the poster board & fabric. I might try this with a bookcase I have.