Friday, August 21, 2015

$10 DIY Fire Engine "Sale"

I've been on a DIY kick lately.  Now that the shop is open, I find myself always in search of items I can use for props, displays and staging.  I'm constantly brainstorming about how I can turn items I see in a craft store into a meaningful "something" for the shop.  Even better if I find it on a bargain.

I'm excited to announce that Vivid Hue Home  (775 Farmington Ave, Farmington Connecticut 06032) will be having our very first sale in the very near future... Stay tuned with details.  So when I saw these large circular letters on sale at Hobby Lobby for $2.50 each, I immediately considered how I could use them.    Of course, they were out of the letters I wanted.  But I shuffled through the stack and found these remnants and the wheels started spinning...

For $10 and some $.097 cent crafts paint, I turned these letters into the following:
The u/n became an "s":

(Full disclosure, the "s" was a bit of a stretch and my least favorite of the letter transformations, but it will work for my purpose).
The "O" became an "a"

The 'L" remained untouched. 

And the "r" turned into an "e"

Give me an "S", gimme an "A", gimme an "L" and and "E" and what does that spell?  For $10, it spells:

All of the Vivid Hue Homies that are local to Connecticut, keep your eye out for an announcement in September.  We will be putting some killer items on sale to represent the end of summer, beginning of fall and to celebrate our first few months of opening.  

I told you I've been from one DIY project to another lately.  We have a local Facebook tagsale group where people can post items they no longer want in their households and the group gets first dibs on grabbing them up.  Recently,  Deb Bibbons of Cobblestones Vintage  posted an adorable bench on the group.

This bench has been in Deb's family for over 25 years.  They used it as extra seating during family gatherings but now it was mostly just taking up space.  I loved it and jumped at the chance to buy it!  
In person, this bench was more of a burnt red brick color.  Beautiful, but the color made it a bit more country for my needs.  I decided a DIY project was in order.  

I decided to spray paint the bench.  I loved the red and thought about keeping it red but turning it into more of a cherry apple red with bright hues.  But then, a dark navy lacquer would be killer.  And if I wanted to use it in the store in the shop, I could choose a hot pink so it would go with the decor.  Hmmmm...

In the end, I decided to stay with the red theme, just amp it up a bit more.  Say hello to fire engine red...

The difference is very subtle.  In fact, in photos, it's barely visible.  But the new red pops a bit more.  I'm going to use it on the front porch of the shop lined with throw pillows.  

I love a good find that I get excited about.

Next week, be on the look out for another exciting venture that Vivid Hue Home will be working on.
In the meantime, check instagram for daily updates.

Also, if you blinked too quickly, then you might have missed my post from yesterday where I give an update on the shop in it's first four months.  Here I go for months at a time with no posts and then hit ya with multiple showings in a week.  I promise to blog here more frequently.


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Karena said...

Heather you are so smart!! Love the Sale letters and the bench is amazing; that is just the color I would have chosen! Have a great weekend!

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