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12 Fun Facts about 1st Dibs

As ya'll know, I was so lucky to attend this year's 2014 Design Blogger's Conference in Atlanta last week.  (Read more here).   There were so many inspiring speakers and I learned everything from how to better utilize my blog for search engines to best practices for designing a room. 

I plan to share the more unique lessons learned over a series of posts. 

1st Dibs Dorothy Draper Espana Chest for Heritage

Today, I want to tell you a bit more about 1st as we learned from its founder, Michael Bruno himself.  Michael used a creative way to inform our 430 person design blogging audience about his luxury brand company.  He started off giving us 3 minutes to answer about 15 questions.  The first one to submit our answers correctly would win a $5,000 gift certificate to the site itself! 

You can be sure there was full participation from everyone!  Here's a photo of Michael Bruno with Jeffrey Alan Marks (he also spoke).  I lifted this straight from JAM's Instagram since we're now besties after I  accosted him met him at the conference.  

From Instagram, @jeffreymarksinc
(Jeffrey Alan Marks of Million Dollar Decorators, l, and 1stdibs Founder, Michael Bruno, r)
 In 2001, Michael Bruno was living in Paris and decided to launch 1st dibs as a way to share the luxurious finds he encountered while visiting the historic Paris Marché aux Puces.  He felt he'd tapped into such unique finds and, while he kept some for his own collection, there were too many for him to keep all to himself.  He felt compelled to create a website to share these products with the rest of the world. 

The company positions itself as the place for "the most beautiful things on Earth."  Now in its 13th year, 1stdibs is considered the "go-to" source for some of the most prominent dealers in the world. 
The site boasts more than 4,000 new listings each week. 

Here are some interesting tidbits about (we learned these when taking our quiz): 

1.  The Downton Abbey Crown  worn by Lady Mary on her wedding day to Matthew Crawley used to be available to rent by the day for $2,000 per day (with a $200,000 price tag).  However, the jewelry owner, Bentley and Skinner, selected 1stdibs in which to sell the crown.  The price tag?  A whopping $211,000 U.S.

Courtesy of 1st dib
2. There are currently 14 Countries on, including US, Denmark, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Mexico to name a few. 

3. The most searched brand on is Chanel!  Chanel, fashion, you name it.  Buyers want it. 

4. Recently, a 1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe Wood Paneled Wagon designed by Ralph Lauren was sold on the site.  At the time of the Design Blogger's Conference (March 2014), there were multiple bids for the vehicle and they ranged around $85,000.  It has since sold.  No word on the final purchase price but it was likely higher than that amount as a bidding "war" ensued. 

1941 Plymouth Deluxe Wood Paneled Wagon by Ralph Lauren, Courtesy of 1stdibs

5.  There are currently 289,953 items for sale on the luxury site (estimation as of March 2014) per Michael Bruno. 

6. Of those, 14,000 of those items sell per month. 
7.  About 40,000 items are under $1,000

8. Over 4,000 items are OVER $50,000.  For example, this Wagon Wheel Chair by Wharton Esherick for $125,000

Courtesy of $125,000

Or this Belle Epoque Pink White Diamond Ring for $464,000 


9.  One of the 1st dibs team's biggest challenges is helping their consumer narrow down specific items they are searching for.  They are constantly working on the site to improve their search capabilities so that items can be found and visible in the results. 

10.  Marc Jacobs once stated that he "can't imagine living without 1st dibs."

Courtesy of The Fire This Time
11. Gloria Vanderbilt turned 90 this year and the fashion icon has also been painting since the 1960's.  She asked Michael Bruno, founder of 1st dibs, to help her price her vast collection of paintings so that she could sell them.  They are now available on 1st here.  They range from $2,000 to $45,000.  (Total side note, I still love that she's Anderson Cooper's mom!) 
Gloria Vanderbilt's Lunar, $32,000 1st dibs.  Courtesy of 1st dibs. 

12.  Currently, the company does not sell vino online...but never say never. 

Have you ever purchased anything on the luxury site?  Do you find it too intimidating because of it's reputation for higher priced items?  What has your experience been with the site?


StagerLinda said...

Fun to browse but too pricey for moi!

Unknown said...

VERY interesting! I love 1st Dibs and never knew it's roots. Thanks for sharing, and aren't they both handsome! xo Nancy