Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween in the Air


Halloween is in the air...we broke out the box of goodies last night and put up the skeleton tree.  There's plenty more in the box.  The kids were pulling things out left and right.  Black raven feathers were flying everywhere.  We'll tackle more this weekend.  For now, here's a shot of one of the skeletons hanging in our dead sticks skeleton tree...

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xoxo HEather Vivid Hue Home


Kurbvy said...

this is inspiring me to get our halloween decorations out. once you start decorating for Halloween there is not turning back until 2013 :) My favorite time of year!

Karena said...

I bet the kids are so excited....

here is another decor opportunity!

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Art by Karena

Raina Cox said...

Good night, this my favorite month of the year. I go bananas with the Halloween decor like other people crack out on Santas and reindeer at J-Day.