Thursday, May 16, 2013

DIY X Benches


Ya'll know that I've been working away on my mudroom.  I wanted to share my xbench transformation with you.  It was such a simple project.  I was searching for stylish and fun x benches to put underneath the console table but I didn't want to spend a fortune.  So, I decided to transform them myself! 

I found a basic bench at Linens & Things: The MET15 - Metro X-Leg Square Bench for $115 each. 

I ordered the Calico Corner Seeing Spots in Noir @ $21.99/yard.  I ordered 2 yards total because I guesstimated that each bench would require one yard (this was pretty on target with a tad extra).

I assembled the wood legs of the bench.  Then literally placed the fabric on the floor with the bench cushion on top.  I folded the fabric over the cushion with plenty room to spare and proceeded to "wrap" the cushion in the fabric.  I staple gunned the fabric to the back of the chair and then screwed the cushion into the legs.  (Way more description than necessary for everyone that has done this before!)

Repeat process times two...
There's going to be a lot of black and white in the room once I add the rug.  I decided to pull the pink from the Jonathan Adler Jackie O Pillow that I have and add a fuschia cord trim around the benches for an extra pop.  I ordered the cord online from Hobby Lobby
5mm Hot Pink Twist Cord, 5 yards @ $3.99

As of this post, I still haven't glued the cording to the bench because I want to make sure it's not going to "cheapen" the look of the bench.  I'm trying to maintain the style integrity of the room.  I have so many fun ideas that I'd like to use in the room.  Some of them are daring (e.g. grosgrain ribbon nailhead trim) and yet, I want to make sure that I won't "mess up" anything that is already in the room.  We invested a bit of money in the Meg Braff  wallpaper and I'd die if anything happened to it, but if I could pull off the nailhead trim, I think I'd be over the moon happy with that accomplishment....

an update on my xbenches (know ya'll are so tired of hearing bout these things, ha!).
I took the advice from Elizabeth at The Little Black Door and Linda at Calling It Home and stitched the trim around the benches rather than hot gluing...(lord knows I avoid a needle and thread at any cost and have been known to safety pin buttons back onto pants rather than sew them). But they reassured me that this will allow me to remove the trim at a later date if I decide it's too much pink.

and, voila!


Linda {Calling it Home} said...

These look great, Heather. I like the pop of color for the trim. Can you stitch it on instead? That way you could easily remove it when you want.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I was thinking of the same thing as Linda, why don't you try to just stich, or even pin it in the back so that you can see it in context for a while. Then you'll know if you like it well enough to make it permanent. I think it would look great!