Monday, May 27, 2013

Mirror Mirror in Bamboo Green

 I have a new addition to my mudroom bathroom.  I found this little gem on a recent trip to Antiques on the Farmington.  I'd never been to this two store antique barn house before (even though it's a mere twenty minute drive from my house).  I spotted this bamboo mirror and immediately thought of Parker Kennedy.  And Kelly Green.  And my mudroom bathroom.   For $80 bucks I knew I could turn this into something. 
I bought a sample size of Valspar Bright Parrot Satin Color ($2.98, can't go wrong!).  Ya'll know my DIY style by now...I don't prep or sand my projects.  I just jump right in.   I started sticking this paint right on top of the old gold paint.  Sure, it was tough to stick at first so I dabbed a rought version of a top coat and let it dry.  Then I went back with the brush and could get a smoother second and third coat of the green.  The sample sizes only come in limited finishes (satin) so I added an extra gloss with some clear polyurethane that I had from a previous DIY project.  This gave the finished green a shiny coat. 

Up close of the bamboo mirror in the mudroom bathroom.  Keep in mind, this bathroom has not been styled yet because I've been focusing so much on the mudroom itself.  But this Bright Parrot green is going to go great with the Meg Braff green from the wallpaper in the mudroom.  Eventually I'll think of something great for the wall in here (thinking a solid paint color other than beige). 

I borrowed my Gurglepot from Kennebunkport for this shot.  And the below view from the mudroom into the bathroom reminds me from a scene down the long narrow hotel hallway of The Shining or something!  Again, the bathroom is not styled yet except for the lone bamboo mirror so bear that in mind!  But you can see how the mirror now ties in with the green from the mudroom. 

And here's the lil ole mirror that was in there before.  (Along with a photobomb from the vivster in the below left part of the mirror). 
Entire project was under $85. 

Coming soon, I have received two grosgain ribbon trims for the nailhead ribbon project I'm going to do in the mudroom and I want your opinion on which color to use!  Get ready to vote, ya'll!

Hope you had a wonderful memoria day weekend!


Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Perfect find! I'm with you....just paint it! No patience!
It looks fabulous..

Tiffany Leigh said...

OMG I love the shape of the mirror!I've been wanting one forever. The colour looks great too :)

Unknown said...

Perfect! Im looking to do the same kind of thing on an alligator wallpaper for my guest powder room. I love that mirror and the green is perfect!
xo Nancy

Karena said...

Heather I love it! The perfect color for your project!

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Lisa Mende said...

OMG! Awesome job! Love it! Can't wait to see what ribbon you are thinking of using!! It is so much fun, you will want to keep on trimming out your next room said...

Love it and I'm obsessed with this beautiful Kelly Green color for a while now!
Last week I bought a great glossy spray paint just because it was Kelly Green color but I still don't know how and when I will use it...
Anyway, love this mirror and this wallpaper is really stunning!!!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Love the view from the hall into the bathroom/mirror. Parker Kennedy is proud I know. :)

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

so beautiful!! I love the green you chose! Its so lively and fresh! ANd I love your hall wallpaper.

Brooke said...

Swooning over the wallpaper in your mudroom!! So freaking fab! I love how the mirror repeats the color. I also love how you do diy projects the same way I do- if I can skip some prep steps and just dive right in I definitely do. Always love to save myself some time! The mirror turned out great- it looks like you paid 10x's the amount for it.

Andrea said...

Your mirror looks amazing, Heather! I love the Parrot Green!! Great job!!!

The Glam Pad

StagerLinda said...

Freakin' awesome! Love the oh-so-gorgeous-green!