Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monkey See Monkey Do!

Monkey See Monkey Do
What's that saying?  Copy cats are the best form of flattery? 
I have a serious girl crush on Emily Henderson's style.  And I have fallen in love with her master bedroom colors.  So much so, that I'm stealing them for myself. 

My wanna-be-bff' Em, used the Sherwin Williams' SW6510 Loyal Blue color for her office because it matched the headboard from her master bedroom (and the sofa from her living room...). 

Courtesy Emily Henderson
I love the jewel tone of the blue so much so I have decided to paint our guest bedroom in the same color.   I'm going use the Emily Henderson Master Bedroom as my inspiration...I got the paint on Sunday and I've managed to get half the room painted.  The paint is so dark that it's going to need a good two coats.  Right now, it's a bright Smurf blue....it'll need another soaking before those nice deep blue jeweled tones start showing through.  Here's where I am right now...

Color Palatte, Photo by Vivid Hue Home
During my selection in the paint store I acted like there was a decision to make here but really I went in there on a mission to purchase exactly the SW 6510 Loyal Blue in Flat. 

Vivid Hue Home
Smurf-tastic room after coat number one.  The color will saturate a bit more after coat number two. 
I have been brainstorming my makeover for this room for quite awhile.  I wanted a blue and white theme of some sort.  I envisioned navy walls with white accessory side table accents. 

Recently, I found a turquoise and lime green chenille bedspread at  Antiques on the Farmington for $45 bucks.   I fell in love with it immediately and it was in great shape so I knew I had to use it somewhere in my home, just wasn't certain where.  I didn't originally intend to share these rough iPhone photos with the world...but here are some of my initial thoughts for this room. 

I could see this chenille with hot pinks, ikat, navy blue and kelly green against the SW6510 Loyal Blue backdrop.  Yes.  Always lots of colors.   My mind is like a bad skittles night mare.  (Ignore the lack of styling in this photo!)

Here's the other direction I considered taking for this room.  A nice Ikat white and navy.  I had wanted to use this AND the chenille throw but when I put the two together, it was just entirely too much.  Now the walls are smurf blue and that would just be over the top.  I think the chenille green and blue will win out in this room.  Specially with the Emily Henderson inspiration. 

Here are the Emily bedroom photos that are driving my madness.  I am not suggesting my room will look anything like hers when this project is complete but I love the colors she's used.  The electric plush pink is over the top.  It melts my heart every time I see it:


Emily Henderson Bedroom Photos Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

I've got a long way to go on this little project but thought I'd start keeping you posted. 

Also, remember that little mudroom makeover?  It's still in progress too...I like to start multiple things all at once and finish none of them (kidding).  I do appreciate all of the feedback on the nail head ribbon trim...

I measured the room to order the ribbon the other day and I came up with some whacked out calculations that would have required me to order 666.6 yards of trim.  I don't know if I was more scared by the COST that that amount of trim would have set me back or the fact that the sign of the devil was trying to indicate this was a failure of a project but I backed off from the order immediately!  Then recalculated and figured out I was WAY off.  I decided to try my numbers again for another day and so I STILL have to order that trim (and started to paint the guest bedroom in the meantime). 

Can you believe school is still not out here in Connecticut?  One more week! 

PS- Thanks to Bridget Otto at The Oregonian for featuring "Jack's Room" | Vivid Hue Home in her Color Monday feature on June 10 2013 (along with Emily Henderson's Living Room Reveal).


Kim said...

Emily is quite an inspiration to be reckoned with! I feel your desire!! Absolutely drooling over the blue and cannot wait to see how you pull the whole chenille bed together in there. Sheer Happiness! xo

Barbara Matson said...

LIke the saying goes: measure twice, cut once! As for your room, I LOVE it- smurf blue and all. And Emily is a rock star, I LOVE everything she designs!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Girl, you sound just like me! Why finish one project when you can start a new one?! :) Love where you are going with the bedroom.

Andrea said...

Wow! I love that Loyal Blue, and your chenille bedspread is positively dreamy. Your bedroom is going to look amazing!!

The Glam Pad

Unknown said...

can't wait to see updates on this one. love the color of the room - will make any accent color really pop.

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Your bedroom is going to be a knock out! LOVE the blue. I can't wait to see more!

My Interior Life said...

Love that blue - you can't go wrong using EH as inspiration. That loyal blue looks a lot like the "Champion Cobalt" by Benjamin Moore that I used in my dining room (funny, I even referred to it as smurf blue as we were painting):


And the finished product:

Two years later, I still love my blue room - I know you'll love yours too.

And love your blog!

Unknown said...

Love the blue! I have it in my kitchen and 10 years later I still LOVE it. Your chenille spread is awesome and so is the blue and white ikat..love them both. Congrats on your mention in the Oregonian! so proud to know you! Have fun with the guest room.
xo Nancy

Smooch said...

Love your guest room directions. Love Emily. I've been thinking I need hot pink in my house mainly because of her. And you of course. Who makes the headboard??

Kelly said...

I totally want to steal everything Emily Henderson does! AND - that ikat bedspread. Where did it come from? LOVE it. You and I have very similar headboards and I keep thinking I need to paint my master bedroom something dark like navy or charcoal, so I'll be watching yours closely! :)