Thursday, December 12, 2013

Novogratz partners with Macy's! Bold and Cheerful style

You may have heard of The Novogratz family.  Bob and Cortney have seven children, an impeccable design aesthetic and a handful of hit television shows (Home by Novogratz on HGTV and 9 by Design on Bravo). 
Courtesy of The Official Novogratz Website
 They have various partnerships with big named design brands, including CB2, Soundfreaq and Stark Paint.  I admire their style for its unique quality and daring use of color (ya'll know that's right up my alley). 

And now, they have partnered with Macy's to introduce brilliantly colored dinnerware with 'The Novogratz Collection.'  I instantly fell in love with this colorful collection the second I saw it.  Can you imagine the possibilities to zhush up your table?  I am jumping with excitement! 

Courtesy Macy's
The collection is fun and bold.  It's made of melamine so it's durable in a house filled with kids.  It's currently for sale on Macy's website here.   Starting in early January 2014, it will be available for sale in stores. 

Here is more of the collection:


Courtesy of The Novogratz

Courtesy of The Novogratz

Courtesy of The Novogratz

Each piece is affordably priced between $9-29.00.  What a great way to ring in the new year with cheer! 

It's clear the the Novogratz family doesn't take themselves too seriously.  They're not afraid to use color and make bold statements in their designs.  This transcends in their interiors as well. 

Courtesy of The Novogratz
Courtesy of The Novogratz

Courtesy of The Novogratz

I love the risks they're willing to take in their designs. 
I think you'll love this Novogratz dinnerware collection, too. 

Be sure to checkout online NOW and in stores in the beginning of January, 2014. 


Unknown said...

Thanks for the heads up! I hadn't heard. I love them and miss their show on tv; it was so refreshing. Hope your holidays are going well and love all your happenings and christmas decorations! xo Nancy

Vel Criste said...

Haven't heard of this yet Heather, thanks for the heads up!