Sunday, February 9, 2014

DIY: "You make my heart soar"

Recall that earlier this week I had about ten hours on a snow day to keep my kid's entertained?  (read here). 

We headed to pinterest and decided to tackle these Airplane Favors:

The supplies needed for these Valentine's Day favors, included:

  •  Smarties
  • Life Savors
  • Rubber Bands
  • Stick Gum
  • Red Ribbon + Printed Tags ("You make my heart soar")


We learned a few tips along the way. 

For one, the rubber bands need to be just the right size or the airplane won't hold it's Smarties base in place.  It's very hard to tell how big these are from the photo, but these ended up being just right.  (About 1.5" in diameter when not stretched)

And two, the stick gum we selected wasn't hard enough and so it would bend when we attempted to put the rubber band ends around it.  I cut a small strip of cardboard from the back of the construction paper booklet and this solved the problem! (We used the cardboard underneath the gum). 

1. Getting started, wheels up!

Thread the rubber band through 2 life savers. 

2. The wings

Pull the two ends of the rubber band up around the life savers (almost like straps on a purse).  Place cardboard in between the loops and then the gum. 

Turn cardboard and gum so they are sitting flat across the 'wheels.'


3.  Copter Base

Slightly lift the 'wings' up so you can slip the Smarties underneath.
Adjust and tie note to end of airplane stating "You make my heart soar" (not pictured)

And then, if you're like us, you repeat this 22 more times for each kid in class!

Do you help your kid's make their class Valentine's?  What ideas have you done? 

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Vel Criste said...

So cute! Kids will truly love that!