Saturday, May 10, 2014

House Tour: My Hallway Vestibule

 I've been on a  DIY project frenzy lately around my house.  Recently, I decided to tackle the vestibule at the end of my hallway.  It was a neutral beige just begging for some attention.  I had silhouettes on hand that I'd made a few years ago and they got booted from my master bedroom when I got a new headboard. 

Initially I stuck these pictures up in the hallway and immediately liked their new home...they were just missing some "oomph." 

Start of Project

Work in Progress

I discovered this Kelly green bold striped fabric on a trip to IKEA and had a light bulb moment.  In my college years, I was known to starch sheets onto the walls of my rental apartments so I wouldn't ruin the walls when I moved back out (you could easily just peel the sheet right back off when you left). 

So I decided to attempt a similar tactic in the vestibule.  Only, this time I literally nailed the fabric to the wall.  I started at the top and continued to smooth the fabric out as I nailed down the wall. 

I painted the side table into a glossy black for extra pop along the fabric. 

And then I used a grosgrain ribbon trim and nailheads along the perimeter to hid the carpenter nails in the wall. 

Finished Result


I hung the silhouettes right over the fabric and styled the side table with a few accessory items (like my Waylande Gregory box).    Read about the history of this box, here

There is a silhouette for every member of the family, each with a specific saying that captures an idea of our personalities...



 Now that I've given a little extra love to this area, it offers a much needed boost in the hallway!  And the entire project cost me under $100.00.  (Side Table $69 from Home Goods, 3 yards of fabric from IKEA $21.99, Homemade Silhouettes $25). 


Have you done any recent projects that have transformed an area in your home? 

Please share!


Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

What a great idea! Love it and it's so personal and unique!

srldesign said...

Love the colors and your resourcefulness ;-)

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

It looks beautiful my friend!!

Andrea said...

This is such a brilliant idea! Thanks for the tip! You did an amazing job, as always!!

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