Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sky's The Limit- Painted Ceilings

One of my favorite design tricks is to paint the ceiling in a room.   
Use the same color as the walls...or venture out and try an alternate shade that compliments them.

Painting the ceiling elongates a room.  It creates continuity in the flow of the design.  Rather than halting  the eye abruptly with a white ceiling, the effect is much softer

I used two complementary colors in my formal powder room.  The ceiling is painted Benjamin Moore Gull Wing Gray.  The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.  I hung a pendant chandelier lamp as the main light source and the light radiates off the ceiling.  I wouldn't have accomplished the same affect with white paint. 

Vivid Hue Home Powder Room

In my master, the tray ceiling is painted Benjamin Moore Gull Wing Gray too.  Because the pendant lamp in that room is so large, it immediately draws the eye toward the ceiling.  

The painted ceiling creates a soft warmth in the room.

Vivid Hue Home Master Bedroom

Don't be afraid to use more bold colors on the ceiling.  I carried the robin egg blue hue to the ceiling in my sunroom with Benjamin Moore's Spectra Blue.  It helps draw attention to the chandelier. 

Check out more sunroom here

It's "old school" to think that a painted ceiling puts a "lid" on the room and makes it feel smaller.  In my opinion, it's quite the opposite

It's another way to add character to a room.  Have fun.  Worse case, you'll have to repaint
another color if you don't like it!

If you have examples of rooms in your house with painted ceilings, please send them my way! 
I'd love to use them in future posts.

Don't take yourself too seriously when decorating a room.  In most cases,  the decor can always be changed, so have fun!

Psst, ever thought about painting your hardwood floors?  Check them out here.



Anonymous said...

wow, i never thought about painting the ceiling but now i may try it. thanks for the insight.

Unknown said...

I love the colors in the first photo above. Is that the same colors as below in the powder room? Pewter and gull wing?

Unknown said...

Where can I get a pendant chandelier like the one in your first photo. Love it!