Friday, July 25, 2014

Visit Rehoboth's Trendy Baltimore Ave: J.Conn Scott Showhouse

As a reformed Army-brat, I call Northern Virginia my "childhood home" simply because we lived there for ten straight years in my youth.  My dad kept getting reassigned  to the Pentagon so my family was fortunate enough not to have to relocate.  During our summers, we would venture off to the Delaware beaches which are very popular for DC area residents.  Bethany, Dewey, Rehoboth.   We would spend literally weeks at a time making the trek back and forth. 

My dad is now a retired Army Colonel and still lives in McLean with my mom.  (Recall stories about my mama here).  They still head to Rehoboth multiple times each summer. 

Last week, I decided to join them and relive some of my childhood memories of Rehoboth.  With my mom (now 'mor-mor'), Dad (now 'Grandpa Dewey') and kids in tow, we set forth for a few days of adventure at the beach.   

There are many things I love about this area...but in recent years, one of my most favorite pastimes is visiting the numerous home furnishing stores that have opened up along Baltimore Avenue.  They are surprisingly high-end, very fashionable and extremely well represented in design! 

One is called J. Conn Scott "Showhouse."  Located at 27 Baltimore Ave.  Tel. 302-227 3780.
J. Conn Scott "Showhouse" displays high end furnishings from designers such as Drexel, Hickory Chair, Vanguard, Curry & Company, Bungalow 5, Lee Industries, Lily Pulitzer, Company C and more. 

Each room in the store showcases a different look and the owners swap out the entire look of the rooms on a regular basis. 

They also offer unique lighting and accessories and the perfect gift items. 

Currey & Company Sconce


This picture is blurry, but I loved the floor in the "Lily Pulitzer" room...
patch worked from Lily fabrics. 

It's a fun shop to peruse through.  It's very likely that no two visits will be alike!  I'd highly recommend stopping by if you find yourself in Rehoboth.  Check back soon for tours through some of my other favorite home stores in Rehoboth, like R Squared Designs

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Unknown said...

We go to Bethany Beach every summer and Rehobeth is our favorite place to shop! Ive never been to this one, so thank you so much for sharing. It is packed with greatness! Hope you had a wonderful time- I know you did! xo Nancy