Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIY Candy Burgers

This has been a very fast-moving and exciting summer with the kids.  This explains why my posts are few and far between lately.  We've had trips to visit family, excursions to the beach and afternoons making crafts.  Recently, the kids and I embarked on making 'burgers.'  It was a fun and easy project that rendered tasty little treats. 

All we needed were a few 'Nilla wafers, thin mints, food-colored icing and fruit roll ups. 
We slathered a bit of icing on the bottom of a wafer.  Added the thin mint on top.  We cut green colored fruit roll ups to simulate "lettuce" and then added some more "mustard" and "ketchup" to the top of the thin mint.  Next, top it off with the final wafer...and voila!

The kids had a blast making these miniature burgers (and even more fun eating them).  Other versions of this project used coconut flakes (dyed green) for the lettuce.  And a few sesame seeds on top of the wafer for 'bun seeds.'
Have you done any kids' projects this year to share?  Please send them my way!

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Vel Criste said...

This is so fun! So cute!