Friday, October 3, 2014

Autumn Blog Hop: Vivid Hue Fall Reveal

This has been an exciting week!  Yesterday kicked off another One Room Challenge and I'm crazy enough to participate again.  For a sneak peek into the room I'll be making over, go here
And today, it's finally my turn to partake in the Autumn Blog Hop!  Over the course of the last 7 days, 6 other bloggers have participated in The Pink Clutch's Autumn Blog hop.  To see their fabulous reveals, visit here and here
Today, I'm sharing 5 key elements that I like to use when decorating my home for fall. 


1. Feathers

I use feathers in my arrangements because they introduce an unexpected element.  I've been known to add them to flower arrangements, centerpieces, napkin ring holders, wreaths, my children's hair (ok, teasing about that but just making sure you're still reading).  Years ago, I paid a small fortune at an antique store for pheasant feathers.  (I guess the dust on them qualified them as "vintage").  But these days, I hit the craft store and buy them for dirt cheap.  
Here are some scenarios where I am currently using the feathers. 


2. Unconventional Color Use

Ya'll know I love color, thus the name Vivid Hue (bright colors).  And I'm all about creating an unexpected element in home décor.  For example, during the Christmas Holidays, I don't use the conventional red and green but rather an eggplant.  And the fall season is no different.  I try not to stick to the expected orange and brown hues when decorating for fall.  I love white pumpkins and sage colored gourds.  This season, I even pushed the limit a bit and used celadon green on a table setting.  I mixed pears with white pumpkins and feathers and acorns. 
Hattan Home sent me their Chinoiserie Placemat in Lime Citron to try out.  I added the placemats right into the mix (love the chinoiserie print on these paper mats).  Now, granted, the salmon color in my table runner and napkins was making this a bit more spring-like than even I'm usually comfortable with.  But my point is, have fun with colors and don't restrict yourself to typical seasonal choices. 


3. Gourds and Indian Corn

Yes, these are an autumn staple.  I do feel like a bowl of gourds are a must have for a fall home.  This year, I found blue corn and used them with my dusty blue placemats.  So, despite what I said above about avoiding the traditional orange and brown fall colors...I do use them in small doses. 


This photo is NOT from my home but I wanted to share because I absolutely love the candle wrap they created from this.  If I can get my act together, I hope to try this before Thanksgiving comes and goes.  (And I'll post an updated picture here).  In the meantime, my apologies for not knowing who to credit this photo back to.  (Sloppy). 

 4. Halloween Décor

Tis the season.  You can't think of fall without considering Halloween.  We definitely find ways to enjoy the Halloween season.  We put up a spooky tree with black branches and skeletons.  We hang tacky black garland around our kitchen light.  We even garnish the outside of the house with oversized black furry spiders.  (And we got a jumping spider this year to scare all of the neighborhood kids).  Ah... yes, when you have a 6 and 7 year old, these little things are essential. 

Full disclosure, this is another photo that I borrowed from the web.  This is not my house, though I'd love to do this.  If I can get my act together.  And if we can finish off 30 plastic cartons full of milk.  STAT. 
 Now, this lovely display *is* proudly being displayed in our home.  My husband is a complete Star Wars freak and loves anything and everything having to do with Star Wars.  These were the last 2 lanterns left in CVS today so I grabbed them.  He's sort of a decoration hoarder when he spots something he loves, so I would not be surprised if I catch him driving to every CVS across Connecticut looking for more of these sucker.  You know, one can never have too many fake black plastic Star Wars pumpkins....

5.  Fall Planters

And ending on a classy note, planters adorned with fall flowers and plants are a great fall staple.  I have never even attempted to act like I have a green thumb of any sort.  I have my wildly creative friend Jen from @thymetoplant refill these babies for me each season!  (Local Connecticut peeps can visit her here). 

Lastly, be sure to check out all of the talented designers that are busily working away on their home makeovers for the One Room Challenge.  You can see hundreds of transformations on the Calling It Home site (Linda is the mastermind and creator of this entire challenge). 
Also, visit more of my home here.    
Happy Fall!

PS- Thank you to Hattan Home for sending me their Chinoiserie Placemats.  I was not endorsed in any way for the use or review of this product. 


The Pink Clutch said...

OMG I am dying over those placemats, napkins and that runner! I love how you mixed it with white pumpkins and pears! It's so you and sooo good!

I too am I freak for feathers. And why shouldn't we be, they are to die for!!

Thank you for ending the hop in such a fab way. I have loved this hop and so want to do it again at Christmas. Of course, mines all pink, green and plaid!!


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Great tour and such beautiful fall decor.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

We've started collecting feathers on our walks. Their colors are so beautiful. ANd I love your planters. You've got skills my friend!

Gypsy Heart said...

Looks beautiful! I love feathers.


SHERRY HART said... I have to dig out my feathers:)