Thursday, February 11, 2016

Vivid Hue Tours NY Now 2016

Last week I attended the NY Now 2016 Show to scope out spring and summer products for Vivid Hue.  It's the ultimate market for home decor, lifestyle and gifts in the Northeast.  My sister, Brett, flew up from Atlanta to help me scout and shop and have some fun in the process.

We shopped from Saturday to Tuesday scouring all of the products that vendors have to offer, many days starting at 930am and closing the market down at 6pm.  There are homemade greeting cards, crafty handmade items created by designers, high end furniture, latest trends in home decor, unique gifts, candles and more.  It can be overwhelming with so much eye candy in one location.  

If you follow Vivid Hue on Instagram, then you've already seen some of the goodies.  If not, sit back and take a peek at our venture at the market!

Cotton & Quill and Dunes and Duchess shared a fabulous booth!  VHH Clients have seen the Cotton & Quill line at Vivid Hue Home.  They are custom designed textiles created by Mary Catherine Folmar from Alabama.  Her designs are unique and exquisite.   I am loving the tassels!  Her styles are available in custom pillows, fabric and now wallpaper (stay tuned).

This spring, I'm completely into pagoda's and bamboo!  Of course, there were plenty of fabulous lanterns and pagodas at the market! 

And I loved seeing all of the cheetah patterns presented in wonderfully feminine ways!

I spent quite a few hours at one paper product booth creating a design vignette of paper products!  
  I've always carried a great assortment of cocktail napkins at Vivid Hue and, this spring,  I'm going to feature a few additional selections for dinner and dessert plates and napkins.  Of course, true to Vivid Hue fashion, I will have plenty of textiles and prints for you to mix and match between, depending upon how daring you're willing to be.  

Here's a photo download of some of the other fabulous things we spotted while shopping!

Sensory overload!

These are socks! 

Phew!  Hope that wasn't too much of a photo dump!  And can you believe that these are only a portion of the products we saw!   Needless to say, I'm excited to get some of these items into the shop for the spring.  You can keep tabs here.  

Thanks for checking it out.  Do you have a favorite that you spotted above? 


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LolaB said...

Hey Heather - I wast at NY NOW too! Talk about sensory overload!! I recognize a few of the booths you photographed, but others I didn't see at all! I didn't make it downstaairs until nearly 6PM -- BIG mistake, since that is where I spied those adorable beaded clutch bags, but by then the catalogs in my shoulder bag had created a permanent crease in my skin and I was bow legged and broken.

So I did the only logical thing -- I hobbled back down to Penn Station and had a glass of champagne at a darling Italian restaurant across the street while I waited for my son to come and buy me dinner!

Next time, I bring a backpack, give myself 2 full days and start from the bottom and work my way up.