Saturday, July 30, 2016

VHH Master Bedroom Project

It's rare that I find a block of time to sit down, start a post and actually finish it.  This Saturday morning, I'm going to attempt to catch up on as much as possible before the kids beckon my attention.

(Their latest fascination is with professional wrestling and WWE wrestler John Cena 
They simulate wrestling matches and chant Cena's theme song "You Caint See ME, tha time is NOW"...."

This started out as funny; however it has gotten progressively more annoying.  Especially when their play wrestling escalates into a full on brawl...then I attempt to separate them and give them each a time out and they look at me with this face and say "you can't seeeeee me, you can't seeee me."

But I digress.

Most of ya'll that follow me on instagram manage to stay up to date with projects and happenings that I'm working on.  I post there daily and it's so simple.   But I think it's important that I maintain a connection with the rest of my Vivid Hue Homies through this blog.  And so, I promise that I will still post about projects and events here as well.

With that said,  one of my current personal projects at home is updating my master bedroom.  Here is a current photo of the room.  Don't get me wrong, overall, I love the room and I have put quite a bit of work into it already.  But I have always wanted the bedding to be a bit more upscale and better tied into the other elements of the room.  Much of the furniture is custom or made to order and I feel like the bedding has always been an "after thought."

There are a few caveats that I have needed to consider.  The curtains, fireplace chairs, dressers and X benches were all part of our initial investment into the room.  They are not old enough for me to replace and we made an investment into these items, so I needed as many of them to remain as possible.  (I'm not wanting to do an entire room make over).

So I had yellow, gray and teal to work with as my colors (Of course with pops of other colors but I considered these colors not as permanent).

One day I was in the @vividhuehome shop perusing through the Cotton & Quill textiles that we often turn into pillows and upholstery for our customers when I had an ah-ha moment.

The Cotton & Quill Deco Collection had a swatch called The Charleston with all of my necessary color ways.

So I took the swatch home to try it: 

And I absolutely love it.  I'm currently having Cotton & Quill make the duvet for me in the sateen finish.  The front will be the Charleston print and the back will be the yellow candlestick print.  

And now everything else seems to be falling into place: 

Stay tuned for the finished result.  I will post more as it progresses.  

I'm starting to hear the Cena theme song and one kid has the other pinned to the ground for three seconds while the other is shouting "you can't see me!  you can't seeeee me."  So I'm off to refer that project for now.  Until next time!

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