Tuesday, May 2, 2017

VHH Expands Store in Historic District

Pinch me.  The last two months have been a whirl wind.  Lots of hard work but also lots of wonderful support and appreciation for our Vivid Hue brand.  I haven't had a minute to stop and post about our recent move.  I promise I will share before, after and opening photos!  But for now, here is a fabulous article that appeared in our Hartford Courant last week about Vivid Hue Home.  I'm so thankful for the exposure!

Click here to read the entire article.
Photo Credit: Shelia Casey

Tidbits from the article are below: 
Heather Grahling wants those stepping into Vivid Hue Home to find a coastal southern sanctuary in central Connecticut.
"I purposely have a very kind of nautical, beachy, Palm Beach-y style," said Grahling, a 44-year-old mother of two and Farmington resident. "We're in the middle of Connecticut, which is nowhere near a coast, but I like the idea of you walking in here and seeing palm trees on the wallpaper and the bright, fun, kind of beachy colors."
The new location, at 769 Farmington Ave., is roughly two-and-a-half times as large as the 700-square-foot cottage Grahling started out in.

There isn't a nook or cranny in the store that has been left untouched. Each room is vibrantly decorated and features similarly-themed merchandise. The main space boasts tropical palm leaf wallpaper accents of coral, leopard print and various shades of green. Around the corner is a rack lined with beachy tunic tops and coastal paintings.
"I always have a motto of [I won't] buy anything that I don't personally like," Grahling said. "That's always kind of my litmus test. If I'm drawn to it and it's something that I would just go crazy over having in my own house or giving a friend, then that's a good test of something I want to bring into the store."

"For me, it's just that validation that people like the products that I have as much as I do and hearing that excitement," Grahling said. "That is so gratifying for me, for people to want more of Vivid Hue."
While she does currently make some sales via her Instagram account, Grahling said she hopes to eventually expand Vivid Hue into an online shop and possibly launch additional locations.
Please read the article in it's entirety here!    Thank you to Jordan Otero Sisson for such great words about Vivid Hue.  
Photos of our new space will follow soon.  If you're super eager for a peek at the store sooner, visit our Instagram page, where we update daily!  

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