Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Look at VHH's Personal Flower Arrangements

Yesterday I got a call from Annie, our manager at the shop.  I'd just left the shop to pick up Smidge from school  but Annie was insistent that I return for "a surprise."  My immediate (cynical) thoughts went towards thinking there MUST be a character in the shop that Annie wants to make sure I experience...or we've just gotten a massive delivery of products and she wants me to share in the glory of processing all of it.  I pressed for more info, but nope....she only replied, "Some surprises are worth waiting for.'

So I arrived back at the shop with Smidge in tow and was presented with the most unexpected surprise of all, this beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers from my favorite flower farm in Connecticut, Eddy's Farm:

  My fellow color-loving instagram friend, Kim Crawford of The Spirited Flamingo  had dropped them by the shop as a "just because."  Kim now also works at Eddy's.  She and I have given each other support through social media and have gushed over each other's love and appreciation for color!  What a way to make my day.  

Bouque from @spiritedflamingo for Vivid Hue Home. Photo courtesy: Vivid Hue Home

This sparked a little project yesterday afternoon and I started to peruse through my photo library discovering just how large my love of flowers seems to be.  Any time I'm entertaining guests, I must have flowers.  Every tablescape I set, there are flowers.  And on a good week when I have my act together, I have "just because" flowers (the best).

So today, I'll take you through the photo library of my personal flower arrangements.  They make me happy and hopefully will make you smile, too.  All of the arrangements below were styled by me so go easy on the judgements.  ha.  You'll also notice a theme....I LOVE to find unique vessels and vases to use for my arrangements.  Not that flowers need the extra boost, but it's fun to think about creative ways to display them.

A few things I have noticed about myself and flowers:
1. I use unique vessels for display
2. I tend to buy different flower types in the same color hues
3. I always look for the most unique flowers (and often don't even know the names of the flowers I buy).  I just buy what I like.

4. Sometimes I cheat and mix faux flowers into the arrangement to increase the longevity of the bouquet.  I mix them with real flowers for better disguise.  (SHHHHH).  I'll share below on when that's been the case.

Vivid Hue Home Sunflowers in front of my Parker Kennedy Elephant Candlesticks
My husband loves fresh sunflowers and I'm fortunate that any time he spots them at a farm stand, he picks them up and brings them home.  They add a sunny cheer to our kitchen.  Here they are with my Parker Kennedy candlesticks (sans candles but I still love them).

Vivid Hue Home Peonies in our gold Pineapple Canister
Peonies are one of my favorites! And here I put them in a gold Pineapple Jar from the shop.

Vivid Hue Home
A little fall arrangement with miniature pumpkins and gourds.

Peonies in the Vivid Hue Home sunroom
Peonies again!  I told you I love them.  A couple of years ago we had a photo shoot at the house for a publication that has since gone out of business...the photos from the shoot never aired.  A bit of a bummer, but that's not at all uncommon.  Maybe some day.

Vivid Hue Home
Elephants with more elephants.  I am in love with my elephant planters and use them often.

Vivid Hue Home-
Hosting an impromptu wine and cheese get together.  I find that adding flowers immediately zhushes up the occasion and makes your guests feel like you may have gone to a bit of prep for them.

Vivid Hue Home Whole Foods Flowers ready for purchase
Shades of pinks and purples, all loaded up in the cart ready for purchase.

Vivid Hue Home- medley of mixed flowers

Vivid Hue Home 
Full disclosure, the white floral base of this arrangement is faux.  I added the berries and additional live flowers into the mix. 

Vivid Hue Home 

Vivid Hue Home retail display

This is an entirely FAUX flower display that I designed in our first Vivid Hue Home location.  I used chicken wire in the back and my intent was to make it appear that the flowers were flowing out of the white porcelain vase on the table.  

There are the elephant planters again....I sure have gotten my mileage out of those.

Flowers are a great way to welcome guests to their rooms when staying at your house 

Vivid Hue Home Kitchen arrangement

Vivid Hue Home dressing up a cheese platter.  

Vivid Hue Home
Yes, the elephant planters again.
Vivid Hue Home.
Loved these at Whole Foods.  They were a just because arrangement.  

Prepping for a dinner party.  I LOVE my fish planter (also available at Vivid Hue Home). 

Just because.  GORGEOUS arrangement from a farmers market.

Photo shoot prep in Vivid Hue Home kitchen 

And this flower inspiration all started from a surprise bouquet that showed up at my shop yesterday.   The best news is that I've since learned that Eddy Farm has a bouquet CSA.  Subscribers will receive a fresh, hand tied bouquet weekly for pick up at the farm.  Their farm share runs April 21st through September 29th and you can sign up at any time, the price is prorated weekly to reflect the remaining time ($10/bouquet).  Check out more from their site here.

And to The Spirited Flamingo, thank you from the bottom of my heart for bring this wonderful treat my way.


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