Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My Quest for Table Wares

 I have always loved setting unique tablescapes during the holidays and for entertaining.   During Christmas, I host ten family members over the course of four days and I try to change up the dining room table decor with each dinner.  (I'm much more of a decorator over a chef, so I only commit to cooking one of the meals during this time and I parse the rest of them out to different family members).  That way,  I can focus on the tablescape!

I choose to mix and match plate patterns and, full disclosure, most of my plates have been purchased from Home Goods.  This allows me to buy larger quantities without breaking the bank.  Also, Home Goods has gotten so good at carrying higher end designers so if I've got my eyes peeled, I can score some pretty good finds. When you know what to search for, you can discover Kate Spade NY, Jonathan Adler, Johnson Brothers and more.  All of the plates in my tablescape above were curated on a budget and all $14.99 or less.  

Below is my Thanksgiving table from last year (I later pulled the contents from that table to use during an NBC story about tablescapes).  Read my post "5 Easy Tips for a Stylish Holiday Table" that resulted from that appearance.

Vivid Hue Home's Thanksgiving Table as appeared on NBC Connecticut

Table setting isn't a new fascination of mine, but it's one that is continuing to grow.  Particularly with all of the beautiful tablescapes and wares that can be found on Instagram and other social media, I am finding that I am even more obsessed with designing my next table.  

Photo courtesy of LB Originals 
And, while I've always used place settings found on a budget, (and will continue to do so), I am now curious to start learning more about vintage china collections.

Photo Courtesy of LB Originals 
Some of the pieces are complete eye candy and works of art.  I'd like to start learning more about what to search for when antiquing.  I want to know when I've found a "score" in a thrift shop.  Lately, I've been discovering some incredible table ware by searching "Minton China" and"Staffordshire."

I'm obsessed with this Minton rose gold garland luncheon plate & fruit dish.  I'm finding that these patterns are often sold as "one offs" or in smaller sets and range in price from about $30-$80 a plate (or up in many cases).  Yes, pricier than Home Goods.  But also more valuable and I can envision an entire table decked out in varying patterns of fine vintage china.   Add a beautiful printed fabric tablecloth and this table will be over the top fabulous.  

Photo Courtesy of Tableware Treasurebox
Photo Courtesy of LB Originals

I am constantly on the hunt for individual "statement" pieces that don't necessarily match but together make the perfect blend.   I try to stock many of these types of things in our brick and mortar shop in Connecticut.  If you follow Vivid Hue Home on instagram, you can keep track of what we're carrying in the store.  And, I've started to ship anything you see on instagram....just send me a direct message and I will provide you with pricing and invoicing.  It's such an easy process until I'm able to launch an actual online ecommerce website.  

Artichoke Tulipierre's at Vivid Hue Home make terrific bud vases and great centerpieces

The Vivid Hue Home artichoke tulipierre in white

Vivid Hue Home's tablescape at The Hillstead Museum

For now, I'll continue my search for unique table ware settings.  Stay tuned for photos of my fall and holiday tables so you can see if I managed to make any fabulous finds.  
Happy Setting.  

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