Monday, June 25, 2012

Meet Ditte Isager

I'm sitting at home on a day with severe thunderstorms and torrential down pours. In fact, I am positive Dorothy just flew by in her country dwelling with that green wicked lady trailing behind. Oh wait. Maybe that was my neighbor. Only I actually really like my neighbor. Oh sh*t. I bet that means my kids raided my avocado beauty masque again. 

I decided to be a good mama today and keep my five year old home instead of dropping him off at his outdoor YMCA camp. My decision was made just after the house lights went out and a stream of lightening directed my path to the bathroom to scold the kids. (For raiding my masque, remember?)  
Of course, as karma (or Murphy's Law or second-guessing-mommy-choices) would have it, as soon as I announced to the dude that he was spending a day with mom, he forwarded the memo on to his little sister that she was still going to school. Because her school is indoors. School actually being daycare but it makes my three year old feel bigger when we call it "school." Only now that summer is here and other kids are going to camp, she asks me incessantly when her camp begins. But I am a working mom. On most days. 
Today I'm waiting at home for a repair man to show up at my house anytime between a 36 hour window of time.  Because I don't have anything else to do but wait for them.  And watch Hoda and Kathy Lee drink wine on their morning show.  And I can't even drink wine to kill the time with them.  What kind of mom would do that in front of their five year old kid?  Plus it's only ten in the morning.  So there's that.  Because I actually drink in front of the kids but just not at ten in the morning.  I mean I don't even believe it's five o'clock *somewhere* yet. (IS it?) Oh, how do regular stay at home moms do it?

So while I'm already exhausted from this morning doing this stay-at-home mom thing...and waiting for the repair man to show up...what is the point of this whole post anyway?...(see what happens when i have time to devote to writing?) Well I wanted to share the beautiful work of Danish photographer Ditte Isager! 

{Photos Courtesy of Ditte Isager and Nordic Design  and Let Me Be Inspired}
Ditte was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and has been working in NYC since 2006. Her work is very raw and natural and beautiful. She specializes in shooting interiors, lifestyles, travels and personalities. Her clients have included Martha Stewart and Gordan Ramsey and she's been featured in House Beautiful, Elle and more!  Her style is very simple and Nordic. She loves photography because she says every day brings a new story.

And I of all people can relate to that! 
Until later...I believe that repair man is knocking at my door.


Old Friend of Vivid Hue's said...

You are hysterical! Not that's the M.Moe I remember!

same old friend said...

PS...meant to say "Now" that's the Moe I remember. typo above!