Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not the Donna Martin I Remember

What do these items have in common?

Fireworks Ring

La Cadeaux Orange Blossom Plate

Elf Ring

Light House Tea Lantern

White Porcelain Dog

Blue Ship Beam Bottle

They are all collections from InvenTORI (see here).  You may have never heard of this online shop.  But I'll bet you've heard of Tori Spelling.  Yes, Donna Martin sure has graduated.  And she has embarked on a world of ediTorials that are actually quite brilliant.  ediTorial is a blog by Tori that covers subjects such as Style, Dwell, Craft (DIY), and more! 

Check it out.  Here's a snippet of what you'll find on the blog:

Courtesy of Tori Spelling

Kelly Wearstler from Tori Spelling Blog

Courtesy of Tori Spelling

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