Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lake Placid Break

It was February break in Connecticut and me and the family hit the road to Lake Placid, New York.  I brought my computer with me with great intentions of posting of our adventures while we were away and that never happened!  Here are some snapshots of our week away. 

I'm definitely a warm blooded person so don't ask me what we were doing heading further North for this break...we aren't a family of skiers...but we do ice skate (as in ice hockey).  And so we high tailed it to Lake Placid New York for the week for plenty of snow, sledding, skating and winter fun. 

We stayed in two different resorts in Lake Placid and got our share of Adirondack decor and antlers! 

Whiteface Lodge Entryway

Forgive the kids' demon eyes!  (Though I do recall they were acting like demons at this stage of the vacation).  This spectacular fireplace at the Crown Plaza kept us nice and cozy on a snowy night.   Located right out the back door of the 1980 Olympic Ice Hockey Rink and also so convenient to the downtown shops. 

This was an adorable antique shop I was dying to go into...Unfortunately, this sign was attached to the door every time I passed by.  I wish I could run my business this laid back!  ha. 

We took a dog sled ride around Mirror Lake.  The kids had an absolute ball. 

Of course our boys had plenty of time for ice skating and playing hockey.  The Whiteface Lodge had their own ice skating rink so the boys got to play hockey multiple times a day while we stayed there.  This is EG and Jack during one lunch skate. 

Our pool at Whiteface was heated with two hot tubs outdoors.  One day it was snowing and we sat outside in the hot tub.  It was the coolest thing. 

Part of the Whiteface Lodge

Me with Jack during our dogsled ride. 

A great vacation week.  And an even bigger event happened this week!  My sister, Kurby, had her baby!!!!  I'm very excited to share more about this (including pictures and name) but will save this for another post!!!
Hope you've had a great week and I promise to get back to posting now that I've returned!
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Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

What a fun time!! And congrats on your new niece! :)