Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Color Crush: Urban Girl Office Supplies

Let's face it.  Not everyone in the world is working in a profession that they love.  Sometimes, work is  It can be tedious.  Stressful.  Cumbersome.   We don't always have control over the type of work we're performing.  But we *do* have control over the environment in which we suffer

So why not make it cheery and colorful?  I love nothing more than a colorful work space.  Somehow it seems to set a positive tone and brighten my day.  (Ok, full disclosure, I happen to love my work). 

Today I'm featuring an Office Color Crush!  Take a look at these fabulous colorful office spaces.  I've also selected some of my favorite office supplies to help brighten any work space.  So love work or hate it, you can feel a bit more chipper regardless. 

Courtesy of Stylish Eve

Courtesy of Somebody's Home
Courtesy of Stylish Eve
I'm crushing on these bright and fun office supplies.  I'm a sucker for anything polka dot or striped.  My office supply round-up is compiled from the super fun products on  Urban Girl.  It is the one stop location for cute, fun and stylish office supplies!  


1 New York Pencil Pouch Set  |  2 Kate Spade New York Black and White Stripe Agenda  | 
3 Kate Spade New York The Short List Notepad  |  4 Kate Spade New York Gold Dots Agenda  | 
5  MickeyLin's Magnetic Board My Favorite Quote  | 6 SemiKolon Turquoise Vertical  File    
  7 Kate Spade New York Neon Nesting Boxes  |  8 Jonathan Adler Stepped Diamond Calendar
I don't know about ya'll but I jot notes down at my desk on a continual basis.  I have a gazillion polka dotted notebooks and I can always use more.  Proof here:
When the clutter in my space becomes too much, I simply hide it in a storage box.  Six months later, I sort through the paper and find that I can throw about 2/3 of it out because it's no longer relevant.  I love anything Kate Spade or Jonathan Adler.  They offer so much design style. 
A big shout out to Urban Girl for their kick arse office supplies.  There's never a reason for a dull moment.  I urge you to check them out here.
Note:  Vivid Hue Home was not compensated by Urban Girl for this post.  All reviews are honest and reflective of Vivid Hue Home's personal design taste. 


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Great round up! I've got that same pink and gold polka dot notebook in my office as well.

Vel Criste said...

Love it, once I set up my office, I
ll be sure to use lots of gold and some other pop of color! said...

Great roundup! love all the bright colors!

Unknown said...

These are great additions to any office! My office can get very bland and boring looking, so this would really help make it look brighter! I will be sure to look for some of these products and also other office supplies to brighten things up!