Tuesday, January 31, 2017

VHH Dream Dressing Room

It's the new year and while many people are focused on giving themselves a little personal renovation (shedding holiday weight or eating more healthily), I find myself brainstorming about how to make-over unfinished areas of my home.

Recently, I spent some time brainstorming about a little space that I have between my bedroom and master bathroom.  Calling it a "dressing room" would be an over-statement as it's mostly a walk-in closet with a small hallway that bridges the two rooms together.

Still, I decided to have some fun in creating my dream dressing space:

Vivid Hue Home Dream Dressing Room

Vivid Hue Home Dream Dressing Room by vividhuehome featuring outdoor home decor

Remember, this is ME we're talking about.   I mix colors and patterns and styles all up in a blender and see how they end up.  For me, decorating is about taking a risk and having fun.  Decor is ever-changing, always evolving and so, why not approach decorating in a playful way?   

Here are my essentials for a Dream Dressing Room:  

1. Color: I am obsessed with the color coral this season.   Soon, the shop will be filled with lacquered coral lamps, leopard and coral pillows and table accessories in, you guessed it, coral!  So it was a no brainer to start with the coral wallpaper as a background.  

2. Seating.  I must have a space that can hold all of my discarded clothing during a fashion crisis, right?  And of course, it's nice to have a sitting spot for putting on shoes.  

3. Vanity Space.   Sure, there may be a vanity in my bathroom, but it's nice to create a feminine space where I can sit to apply makeup or jewelry.  A unique dresser is great for giving the space a little more interest (and nicely storing jewelry, makeup, handbags or other fashion accessories).  

4. Lighting.  Good lighting is CRITICAL for a dressing area.  I recommend sconces for vanity dressing and pendant lights!  And keep in mind, if the lights aren't helping you achieve your ultimate best look...it's time to get those lights on a dimmer--or get a new light.   (Remember, this is a dream space which allows me to fantasize that I *always* look darn good when I leave the house) 

I've had a fun time planning my dream dressing space.  Below is source information:  

Visual Comfort bronze lamp

Gallery porthole mirror
$87 - very.co.uk

Orange home decor

Outdoor home decor

Anthropologie velvet furniture

Selamat campaign dresser

Handmade furniture


This weekend I'm heading to the NY NOW Gift Show.  (Here are some of my finds from last year).   Be sure to follow our Vivid Hue Home instagram for real time updates from the show!



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