House Tour

I use my own home as a personal canvas for decorating and experimenting.  I don't play by the traditional rules of decorating...Color, pattern and texture is a common theme throughout my home and I find non-traditional ways to mix styles with modern elegance.  For example, if you take one step into my mudroom, the Meg Braff Kelly Green Bamboo Wall Covering and white lacquer console table will tell you that I love to challenge the usual expectations for decorating a room in the 'normal' sense of the word. 

I consider decorating a home a continual 'work in progress.'  Sure, you can get a room looking great but there is always something more to tweak it to perfection!   

Here are the rooms in my house tour.  Check back for ongoing additions.

My Sunroom featured on House of Turquoise! 

Vivid Hue Home at Christmas

Baby Nurseries (Old House)

It's always fun to see the inside of other people's houses too.  Here are some other tours:

My Sister's Porch in BHG

Relax at the lake, Adirondack Style (my aunt and uncle's house)

Brett's Baby Nursery

JLH Decorator's Showhouse, Connecticut

Kurby's Christmas Mantle (my sister)

Barbara Bush's NYC Apartment

Jonathan Adler's Shelter Island Retreat

Camp Wandawega Tom's Treehouse


Unknown said...

Hi Heather! I like the sunroom best. I'm a sucker for lounging and reading books on weekends. You know, good read plus a cup of aromatic tea or coffee; perfect relaxation for me. And this room gives me that ambiance I need to do just that. Hope to see more from you, so I can pin it on my boards. Hihi! (*⌒∇⌒*)

Bree Hq

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...

Love love love your home!

Gypsy Heart said...

LOVE your home!! Your use of color and being "different" makes it so welcoming and happy. I could move in to the guest room easily! :)

So happy to have found your blog ~ now a new follower.