Friday, April 27, 2012

Butterfly Mania 2012, Prepare!

Ever start to notice a trend in decor and once you begin to really pay attention, you notice it everywhere?  First it was foo dogs...(Oh they're so last week.  Ha).  Next, my prediction is...butterflies.  I may be crazy and I'm no expert, but I'm beginning to see them crop up more and more at the couture level.  That means by summer they'll be in Target (OK...maybe not that quickly but give it within the next year).  

Here is what's in store...

Using butterflies on wallpaper and throw pillows provides an airy yet bold means of expression.  See, for example, this fresh and crisp Madame Buttterfly Collection from Designer's Guild. 

Butterflies are beautiful and delicate creatures.  Many of the emerging accessories convey these characteristics.  I'm loving the "Birds and Butterflies" Wallpaper from Schumacher.  The vibrant colors of the butterflies flutter around the white background. And check out those Manolo Blahnik butterfly slingbacks! 

And lastly, let's not over estimate these winged bugs' ability to dispay brilliant hues of gorgeous color.  Love the Butterfly orange rug from The Rug Company (also available in fushia)! 

(courtesy of

Wesley-Hall Bobbin Chairs

And of course, Lulu DK never disappoints with her Matouk collection availabe at Horchow. 

Lulu DK Matouk Bedding at Horchow
Keep your eyes peeled for more flurries a flutter this spring.  There's guaranteed to be a butterfly invasion coming our way!

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