Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meet: Roberto Dutesco Wild Horses

Love Bite

I fell in love with Roberto Dutesco several years ago when I spotted his work in the Samuel Owen gallery in Greenwich. A huge print of "Love Bite" was displayed in the front window and it must've been seven feet wide by about as long. The scale was absolutely breath taking. Around the photo, was the story of the Wild Horses of Sable Island handwritten by the artist himself. After learning the back story of this exhibit, there was no turning back.


Sable Island is an island off of Nova Scotia. It's been the home of over 475 shipwrecks since the 17th century. They say that once your ship gets close enough to spot the island, you're too late...bound for a rocky fate. The island is nearly uninhabited. However, there are over 300 hundred of these beautiful wild horses.


In 1994, Roberto Dutesco obtained special permission to go to the island to photograph the horses. The horses are not used to any human contact and were amazingly fearless by his presence. In fact, Dutesco reported having trouble capturing some of the photos because the horses would curiously walk right up to the lens.   

"It is a world that exists by its own rules, a place without trees, without shade, and without shelter. It is a place where I have witnessed true peace and unquestionable love among its occupants- the wild horses of Sable Island." --Roberto Dutesco

My sister, Kurby, visited me in Connecticut last week (which explains my lack of posts!)  We made a day trip to Greenwich and stopped into the Samuel Owen Gallery  (Owned by Lee and Cindy Milazzo). 

I talked to Lee in greater detail about the wild horses, sable island and the photographs.  (Little does my husband know that this is my next art quest).   Lee mentioned that Dutesco personalizes the photographs.  He will doodle art on the edges of the photograph.  For example, he may draw Sable Island, or ships or mermaids or fish.  He often scribes details about his island exhibition.  I love this added detail! 

You can check these wonderful photographs out for yourself if you find you way to Greenwich.  Samuel Owen Gallery seems to always showcase uber cool exhibits (Remember Star Wars?)

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Sorry for the hiatus!  It's nice to be back! 
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Lee Milazzo said...

Thanks for the wonderful post about our gallery! We haveany new Ditesco's in the gallery along with some other really cool artists work.

Lesli at My Old Country House said...

I adore Roberto Dutesco. I made a pilgrimage to his galler on Crosby street a few years ago and it blew my mind. I get regular updates and he is currently there again, gathering photos for a new exhibit...I cannot wait to see them.