Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Heart Freudenhaus

I heart Freudenhaus.  Quite Literally.
Check out the heart-shaped Freudenhaus frames that I won!

That's an oxymoron if I've ever seen one.  Me?  Win anything?  But yes, I was selected to own these babys by a local Connecticut eye health center named Sight... 

Not only does Sight use the latest and greatest technology for eye care, they also happen to offer the hippest and best collection of modern frames in Central Connecticut.   In fact, they were just named BEST EYEWEAR STORE in Connecticut by (and no, I don't work for them! I just recognize good quality when I see it).   Read more about Sight here and here

These are only a few of the cool brands they carry...

When my husband spotted these heart shaped rims he stated, "Those are clearly just for fun!  You're not actually going to wear them out, are you?" 

Well what does he know?  This is coming from a man who owns stock in eye glass wear.  He has frames in every shade to match every outfit.  And yes.  I plan to wear them out. 

Check out who else wears Freudenhaus...

Sean Puffy Combs
(Photo Courtesy:

Tom Cruise
(Photo Courtesy:

And if you find  yourself in West Hartford Center, Connecticut, stop into Sight and peruse their selection.  You won't be disappointed.  Tell them Vivid Hue sent ya! 

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Rachel said...

these are so fun! thanks for sharing.