Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Designer Shoes for Your Furniture

What in the world? 
Ever see a clever idea and instantly wonder how you didn't think of it first? 
 Introducing Pretty Pegs.  Designer shoes for your IKEA furniture.   

These colorful peg legs are created by a company in Sweden (Check out here).  Designed to fit onto any standard IKEA sofa, dresser or bed.  This adds ultra character to the inexpensive furniture.  How fun.  How daring!   

Check out the pegs on the IKEA styles, including: HELLEVI, EVY, SIRI, BROR and KURT.
Each peg is customizable.  Start by selecting your furniture.  Next, select your peg style.  Finally, choose the color for your peg.  Voila!   Remember, the best accessory to an outfit is a fine pair of shoes...

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