Saturday, April 27, 2013

DIY: Bathroom Bench Gets Racing Stripes


It's amazing what inspires a DIY project in my world.  This week, I was in Targay.  Just minding my own biznis.  Stocking my cart with essentials (tee pee, Windex, whoppers).  And I sauntered onto the Threshold for Target isle.  I spotted this accent stool with the wooden bench and I suddenly I envisioned the sucker sitting in the middle of my kids' Jack and Jill bathroom.  In the shared bathroom that they don't even use (because they insist on bathing in MY bathroom instead). 

I loaded this baby into my cart and immediately started to think of ways I could further make this my own.  Ok, not much you can do to a metal stool and a wooden bench.  But we got home and I had the kiddies help me add some white racing stripes to the legs.  (Proof below).  Just enough to say..."hey, yes, I may have gotten this at target, but then I took an extra twenty minutes and did a craft project to it so it's not so apparent that I got it at target."

 I couldn't find my painter's tape, so yes, we used the sticky masking tape from the febreeze lint brush.  That's creativity! 

End Results.  (Photos taken with iphone when sun was blaring into the room!  And no, I just couldn't wait for a better time of day or use a better camera for the shot because I'm too impatient). 

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 Sources:  Round Red Mirrors- Crate and Barrel | Red Stripe Removable Wallpaper | Turquoise Rug- Threshold for Target | Towels-Home Goods | Shower Curtain DVF for Home Goods | Manhattan Map- Land of Nod | Accent stool with wood bench - Threshold for Target (ha)

Fun little afternoon project. 

Also, I'm making progress on the mudroom make over.  I'll have more to share with you soon!   (PS, I got EG to approve the West Elm console purchase and it's in the mudroom--love).  Other items have been added, too and I'll have photos to share soon.


Heather | Vivid Hue Home


The Pink Pagoda said...

Very fun project and I have to mention that I'm DYING over your bathroom!! It's amazing fantastic!

Andrea said...

First off... your daughter is absolutely adorable!! And secondly, I LOVE this bathroom! That Manhattan Map is fabulous! Great job, as always!

The Glam Pad

Karena said...

Heather I adore this bath for the kids. So bright and fun. Your creativity amazes me!

PS I am having a Paris Book Giveaway!
Art by Karena

Unknown said...

Wow Heather, that bathroom is absolutely adorable!! And, so inspiring with your affordable finds! Nice work on the cute stool.

designchic said...

That is so fresh and the idea and the bathroom is fabulous!!!

Kim said...

Well, way to go on the Target upgrade project ... but can I just come sit in your kids' bathroom for a while ... it is SO HAPPY!! xo

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I so love your bathroom. I could look at it all day. And a great project on the stool! You have the cutest helper around!

Nicole Scott said...

The stool looks awesome in the bathroom. Love that coral colour!!

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

heather - this is GREAT. i love it. and miss vivi is GREAT too :)