Friday, April 12, 2013

Gone Fishing

Hi loves.  No, I haven't forgotten about ya'll.  I'm just taking a little R&R for the next week with the family.  Don't let this magnificent photo fool you.  I'm headed to Disney with the kids and EG for spring break along with hoards of other *magical* families.  It will be a miracle if we all come back speaking to one another (or maybe that will be a blessing if we don't!). 
EG and I had about four knock down drag out disagreements* tonight as we were getting the baggage packed.  Why is preparing for a trip so stressful? 
(*I'm fudging on the extent of the knock down drag-outs by the way.  It was really more like three). 
Here's hoping that we get outta here tomorrow without a hitch.  Send magical rainbow, princessy, fairy tale thoughts our way that we have a great vacation.  And all that crap. 
I'll be back online within a week. 
Misses and kisses.  xoxox
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Unknown said...

Ahhhh have fun!!! We will be there in June! So on top of the craziness it will be hot,hot, HOT! Can't wait to see pics and tips! XO


Have a wonderful spring break......!

The Pink Pagoda said...

Oh, wow, I want to hear what you think about Disney!