Monday, April 9, 2012

Fifty Shades of...Blush Red

 am blushing fifty shades of red trying to figure out how to write about Fifty Shades of Grey.  I heard about this book from my sister who spotted a segment about it on the Today show.  If you've been hiding under a rock up until now and haven't heard a thing about this trilogy, here's a brief summary:

This is the erotic version of Twilight.  Think an X-rated Edward and Bella.  True, it's a romantic love story.  In a twisted very explicit sort of way.  Let's just say, curiosity got me to download the first book, "50 Shades of Grey" onto my kindle.  And thank GOD the words of this book were safely hidden within my tablet and I didn't have to try to cover the material like I would have in a paperback book!  Apparently I'm not the only one sneaking my way through these books...this trilogy by EL James has shot to the best-sellers list and are all the rage. 

So much so that when Kurby visited me recently in Connecticut, we started a conversation about who we think would play Christian and Anastasia in a movie adaptation of these books.   This conversation started in Central Connecticut and was still going strong an hour later as we approached Greenwich. 

We even googled suggested actors and, low and behold, there is a cult following around this very topic. 

For me, I had Simon Baker pictured as Christian all along:

Simon Baker

But others suggested Chris Hemsworth and that seems mighty fine with me...

Chris Hemsworth

And Ana.  Oh Ana.  It took my sister and me nearly forty minutes to agree that Amanda Seyfried has the right sultry look.  Innocent yet seductive.  The 'real' Anastasia is brunette but I think this may be the fit...


All of this casting talk isn't for nothing.  It turns out that Universal Studios and Focus Features will be adapting the screenplay into a movie.  EL James has insisted on full approval of the script and the cast which gives me hope that this will convey more of the plot than the gritty sex scenes.  My question is even if they make the script a vanilla version of the books, how will they still maintain an R rating? 

If you haven't started these books, you gotta check them out now.  But don't say I didn't warn ya.    Also, read Calling Mr. Grey for more potential Christians! 

Fifty Shades of Grey



Smooch said...

this is our next book club book.

should be an interesting discussion.

misty boston said...

oh WOW...
I was just googling images of Chris Hemsworth to show a friend who I thought would be PERFECT for a movie adaption of "Fifty Shades of Grey" (yes i am blushing too and on book two - I use a paperback cover, lmao) and am pleasantly surprised to see that others think the same too!!!

Vivid Hue Home said...

@Misty Boston- That is so cool! It's amazing how many people out there are talking about actors that should be considered to play Christian and Ana. It's clearly a sensation!

@Smooch: I'm dying to know how the discussion went down at the book club!

Nicole said...

Definitely agree with your Simon Baker suggestion! He is perfect for the part of Christian Grey!!!!!!!
It doesn't really matter who they cast in place of Anastasia Steele, because, let's face it - we will all hate her, predominately because well ALL want to be her! That's why the books are soooooo addictive!