Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Table Decorations

We hosted this Christmas at our house in Connecticut.  We had my sister, Kurby and her family.  My lil mama and my dad, Dewey.  We had EG's parent's Viv and Pops.  Each time I entertain I try to find a new way to decorate the table.  Usually, I fill the center with fresh flowers.  Hard to go wrong with fresh flowers.  But this year I decided to embrace the spirit of Christmas ornaments.  I didn't have a single fresh flower on the table and instead adorned the table with all ornaments.  I even hung ornaments from the chandelier.  Here's how it turned out: 
(Recognize the antlers?)


I made my napkin rings with magnolia leaves and three ornaments tied around the napkins.  I scored the plaid place mats with the gold snowflake accents from Target.  I tried to stay as neutral as possible on the table but couldn't help but throw in a few color accents here and there.   

 These wonderful poppers have become a Christmas tradition in our family.  Our family 'Tia and Terry" that couldn't be with us, mailed these to us so we could celebrate on Christmas eve.  Each one contains a little gift and a paper crown (to be worn by each member at the dinner!)  Thank you so much Tia and Terry!  xoxoxoxo

I found these little glasses at a yard sale.  The twelve days of Christmas.  They had all twelve of them and I think I paid about three dollars for them.  All twelve of them total.  I loved them so much I would have paid $300 (not really, but you get the point!)  These babies were way under priced and I got a real treasure! 

Love my dove salt and pepper shakers in front of the magnolias! 


One of the ornaments hanging from the chandelier!

All of the gold ornaments are from Michaels craft stores.  The white containers are from Home Goods (and pulled from my cabinet in the kitchen)

We had such a wonderful and blessed holiday with family.  Half the fun is the prep getting ready for the family.  I could spend forever decorating for the festivities.  Of course, it's great fun entertaining everyone and spending time with family.  It always goes by way too quickly! 

How did you all spend your holiday!?  Do you have any special plans for New Year's coming up? 

It's been such a wonderful and special year for Vivid Hue Home.  It's hard to believe the year anniversary of this blog is just around the bend! 

Hoping you all have a wonderfully healthy and happy holiday!

Vivid Hue Home

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Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

It's fun to use tree and holiday ornaments as table decor! Different. I love "different"!

charmaine said...

So pretty! Love the magnolia napkin rings.
How's your ice rink? Post some pictures!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE those 12 days of Christmas glasses! your table looks GORG!

Karena said...

Heather I love it all! Your golden table with the magnolia leaves, the stemware is gorgeous!

Wishing you all the best in 2013!

Art by Karena

Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! All of it! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Heather...everything looks beautiful.Your table is so festive looking and I'm loving your chairs...they have a wonderful shape.

Unknown said...

It looks so beautiful and festive! I want to spray all my decorations gold and silver next year! You are so talented Heather. Glad your holidays were wonderful. Happy new yar and all the best in 2013,
xo Nancy

Unknown said...

That is a very beautiful christmas centerpiece. I love the luminescence of the christmas balls, so beautiful.

Christmas table decorations