Monday, March 18, 2013

Kurby's Bungalow House Tour

As you know, I was just in Atlanta visiting my precious new nephew, Townes.  He's only a month old and he's got the best little baby nursery ever.   Ha, only on a home decor blog would you lead with a newborn baby's nursery design.  He's also a really calm and mellow tempered dude.  He's so cool and already has the best big bro in the world. 
While I was in Atlanta, I snapped some photos of my sister Kurby's house.  She lives in Grant park in an adorable neighborhood and recently renovated their bungalow style house to allow for an extra room for the baby and also move their family room closer to the kitchen.  I promise to find my "before" pictures and re post them so you can drool over the difference, but for now, I'm just showing you the "after."  Sort of random, but I love her house and you can still appreciate the style! 
 (You may recall the Christmas mantle photos that I posted here). 
The Entryway- a few tidbits- the painting is a family heirloom (husband's side), she picked up the console from Home Goods and we got those adorable rabbits from our trip to Scott's Antique Market that weekend!  Prior to the renovation, the "entryway" didn't exist.  Guests would walk into the front door directly into the family/tv room which was a very large room.   Now it's the entryway AND the nursery (divided into two nicely structured rooms).

The family room- This amazing painting by Antoinette Wysocki now hangs in the family room and is a major focal point in the room.  (Remember my story about my Antoinette Wysocki here).   I wish I had taken more photos of the family room.  My favorite thing is that it is now attached to the kitchen (before it was in a completely separate room).  Much more social and familial environment.   Below is a view from the family room back into the kitchen.  The pitchers and glassware above is from Brett's husband's grandmother.  I tried to sneak it into my luggage on my way back to Connecticut but no such luck.  (And to think, her in laws had this stuff set aside into a "yard sale" pile!  HORROR)


Master Bedroom-  Yes, there is an amazing fireplace in the master bedroom and there are two Hollywood regency style chairs sitting in front.  I love the Jonathan Adler pillow and the mirrored table.  Kurby is going to kill me for showing her bed this way--ha ha (only because it's wrinkled) but we were trying to get out the door this day and I knew if I didn't snap a photo of the bed I may never get one this trip.  Love the "A" monogram pillows and the lattice headboard.  You can see the Wayne Pate print in the background through the mirror on the fireplace. 


Jude's room, age four- This is one of the hippest cowboy themed rooms around.  Dwell Studio bedding and the Eames styled rocker.  Kurby styled the dresser top with Toy Story and vintage themed posters (etsy) and bobble heads.  This house has so much natural character.  Jude also has a fireplace in his room and an original stained glass window.  Absolutely love this.  The portraits are from 1970's of Jude's dad and uncle when they were little boys.  Classic that they are now in his room (Though I don't think they ever actually looked like that, ha!).



The Vestibule- This is the little section between the foyer and the baby's nursery.  It's got sort of a blue hue to it.  The photos were taken by our cousin's husband (excellent photographer)!  The table is a find from Scott's Antique Market.  The little tray is Versace and pays homage to Kurby's high school days when she used to work at Versace in Tyson's Corner, Virginia...we knew we'd find a place for that Versace china someday. 


The Nursery Don't forget to check out the photos of the nursery here. 

The Porch - If you didn't see Kurby's Porch in Better Homes and Garden, then check it out here (PS, I call my sister Kurby but her real name is Brett, ha!)

I promise to post before photos (just as soon as I locate them).  Ya'll will be impressed with what a great job Kurby and M did on the renovation of this house.  It's truly worthy of another Better Homes and Garden article...The Porch has already been in there once (check it out here). 

Forgive my photo quality.  I took my "good" Canon camera with me and Kurby and I talked about having a fun photo shoot one day while I was visiting.  Of course we got side tracked taking care of the baby, taking Jude to daycare, making a trip to Scott's, and just plain ole being sister and socializing the day away.  So I snapped these photos with my iphone. 

I still have more to post from my wonderful visit to Atlanta (hello, Scott's, Parker Kennedy, Dorothy!!!)

All of that is yet to come!

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StagerLinda said...

She has wonderful house! Love all the personal touches. It is friendly, and warm with a designer's eye.

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

What a lovely home! I adore all the personal touches. Would love to see the before shots, so I hope you find them!
I can't imagine having a room in our BLH published. That's Grand!
Looking forward to the remaining Atlanta stops you made while here. I rarely get up to The City!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful gift you and Kurby have of decorating so beautifully! I see she shares a similar love of Art!! Love A. Wysocki! So great of you to have sister and new baby time. How did your family fare without you?
She and Townes are adorable.
xo Nancy

The Pink Pagoda said...

OMGoodness I LOVE this house! Everything about it is fantastic. And how great that you have a new nephew and your adorable children have a new cousin -- I'm sure they're excited, too!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

They did a wonderful job...I love those yellow chairs.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

So it runs in the family then hey? :) What a beautiful home!!!