Sunday, March 17, 2013

Townes comes to Town

I have been busy traveling the past few weeks and weekends and I have so many exciting things to tell y'all about but I haven't had a chance to find the time to sit down long enough to write about them.  If you're my personal friend on facebook (or pay attention to me on twitter) then you've already heard that I have a new nephew!   
That's right!  This precious little bundle was born almost a month ago now (Feb 21st) to my sister Brett (aka, Kurby).  Last week I was in Atlanta for about five days spending time with the new little dude, Townes Michael.  He's the sweetest little guy ever.   
I also got to spend time with my sweet nephew, Jude, and watch his first tee ball game of the season!   He's hilarious and always telling stories and making faces for the camera.  I think he spent more time on our picnic blanket on the side lines than he did on the field that day, but hey, that's only cuz he's super social and didn't want to miss a single word we were saying. 
Jude's the perfect big brother to lil' Townsey.  He just melted my heart each morning...he'd get super close to the baby's ear and whisper "How do ya like me Townes?"  I think he's off to a pretty good big brother start!   
I thought I'd share some photos of the baby room (which was also my guest room during my stay).  Don't y'all worry...we booted the baby out into a pack n play in the foyer so I didn't hear all of the gremlin noises in the crib at night.  But I'm sure after seeing these pictures of his room, you'll agree that he was itching to get back into his room as soon as I headed back to Connecticut! 
Townes with Daddy (Michael)

I have so many other things to share with you from my trip to Atlanta.  Wouldn't you know that I was there during a weekend when Scott's Antique market was on!  I finally got to go to Scott's and Kurby and I high tailed it directly to the Parker Kennedy booth.  I knew that Lance and David would be there and I was dying to meet them and I also wanted to see the goods they had in store (so I'll share that in a separate post!).  I also have fun photos from my sister's newly renovated house! 

Sources from Townes' Baby Room:  City Gingham Duvet Cover (Gray/White check)- West Elm, Pillows- West Elm, White Dresser- Ikea Hemnes 3 drawer , Mobile-Blah Blah, Giraffe-Melissa and Doug,  Artwork-, Bedpost- Crate and Barrel (discontinued), Rug- West Elm

xoxo Heather | Vivid Hue Home


Unknown said...

Congratulations! Your newest nephew is adorable. LOVE the name!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

He is so very sweet!! And a trip that includes a trip to Scott's is always a good trip. Can't wait to hear more.

designchic said...

He's precious - love the nursery!!

Jessie said...

Jude is so sweet and his baby brother is very adorable. Congratulations to you and your family!