Thursday, July 19, 2012

His and Her Master Baths

When we were building our house, my husband (EG) left most of the design decisions up to me (exactly what I wanted!) --except when it came to our master bathroom.  He had a brilliant revelation halfway through our planning phase.  If we were customizing our house specifically to our needs, why not create two completely separate master baths?  A his and hers...(Hey I was all for this idea!  In our previous house, I had monopolized the master bathroom which meant EG was relegated to our tiny guest bathroom). 

So now, when you enter our master bedroom, you'll find the 'his' bathroom to the left.  And the 'hers' bathroom to the right. 

I have a little dressing area along the way.  To the left is my closet (you won't dare see in there unless I feature it on an organization post!) 

I'm in the processing of reupholstering that bench, thus, the fabric swatches

(I selected the butter cream velvet color though now that I see it again, the subdued printed one would have been nice.  Ah heck, can't second guess myself).

I have not decorated my bathroom yet, other than the vanities I designed for the house.
I wanted all white marble (since I lost that battle in our kitchen).  I also wanted a little vanity area where I could put my make up on in the morning.  (Note:  I still need a proper vanity stool!)  Eventually, I want to add some fun wallpaper...maybe something that yells West Palm Beach in the seventies...remember the banana leafs?

I'm a huge 'bath' person so this soaking tub was my big splurge!  (Still need curtains, etc!).  There's a shower to the left for quick mornings when I can't actually lounge in the tub.  Confession, that's MOST mornings and if I'm honest with ya'll, this tub has given more baths for the kids than for myself!  Ah, someday I'll take my tub back! 

Welcome to my husband, EG's side...

I wanted sort of a resort-hotel-spa feel to his design.  His one request, he wanted a TV in his bathroom...(left).  He also fought to have a urinal in there (for the cool factor of being able to tell his buddies about it...needlesstosay, the urinal didn't make it into his master bathroom...but it did find it's way into our gym bathroom in the basement. 

I wanted to replicate a very metropolitan and modern feel to the vanity.  For all of the vanities, I wanted them to be more like dressers than cabinets.  So all of them have feet and space under neath them.  I used the restoration hardware vanities as inspiration and gave that reference to the cabinet maker. 

And he's going to kill me for showing the inside of his closet...but I mean REALLY?  Who keeps their closet this organized.  You will only find mine like this if I know some crazy person is going to come through with a camera and take pictures to post on their blog! 

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the his + hers!  Please stop by to see the rest of the house here



Things That Inspire said...

Just found your blog, and I can't wait to read more!

What a luxury - a his and hers bathroom! I love your tub. I also have a big window behind my tub, and love taking nice long baths, and it took us 4 months after moving in to get a curtain. My tub is on the first floor, though, so the situation was a bit more 'exposed'!

Have a great weekend-

Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

@Holly--Thanks for stopping by! I know, that open window in front of the tub has left me in a few precarious situations when I've looked outside to find the lawn guy mowing the lawn! Curtain is a must! haha!

Reagan Geschardt said...

I love it. I have to laugh because my husbands closet is soooo much neater than mine. He also folds his underwear. Yes I can write this... He probably isn't reading:) lol.

LindsB said...

I think his and hers bathrooms are the best idea, coming in second only to seperate closets. I pray that when my husband and I find a house of our own there is room to do this. It would for SURE help with the fights in the morning on who is going to use our one tiny sink :)

The Pink Pagoda said...

I think your husband was awesome for having this idea! My husband and I don't share a bathroom either, thank goodness. He's even messier than I am! Your bathrooms are fantastic, Heather!

C.A. @ How To Be A Heroine said...

Oh, that bathroom setup is my DREAM COME TRUE! Ooh la la. I love it, and I think it goes a long way at keeping the romance alive. One day! :)

The Governors Daughter said...

i am a tub girl too so i would be spending a lot of time in that tub! I like that small pattern too with your runner. What if you did a lumber pillow on the bench out of that fabric? I even envisioned that mustard fabric with piping in the pattern? I think you said you already ordered it. But they compliment each other well with that rug. I like how I am putting my two cents in and its certainly not my home:) Its lovely! And well thought out.

cathywhatisoldisnew said...

I love the idea of a his and her bath and yours are just lovely.Yep my husband has a more organized closet then I do also.

Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments! @TheGovernorsDaughter: I did already order the butter cream but then the last few days I've been eyeing that smaller print! That would've been awesome with the buttercream as a welting! I could do a few pillows out of the smaller print...haha, thanks so much for the feedback!!!

Mama said...

love your bathroom and have to ask where you purchased your round rug? I have been looking for something similar with no success. great site! you have inspired me to add more color!